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Sep 17, 2013 10:23 AM

Good Indian Food western Mass.

Hi Hounds-

I am wondering if anyone has been to Panjabi Tadka in Springfield, or Priya's in Chicopee. The new Pintu's location really seems to be lacking, and I found some yelpers recommending the above places over Pintu's. Priya's apparently is rather new but already had a first location in Rocky Hill, CT. Sounds like they have a really nice buffet at lunch. I don't have a car, am considering a lengthy bus journey just to try out Priya's for lunch.

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  1. No data here. I liked the original Pintu's. I'm north of you and waiting eagerly for the new place that's slated to open in Greenfield (former location of Brick Wall Burger/Bistro).

    1. Do you have a car? You should try the Saturday lunch buffet at the Bombay Restaurant on Laurel Lake in Lee. It's quite popular and the lake view is beautiful right now.