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Sep 17, 2013 10:06 AM

Dinner ideas for large group

Going to be in town late October and need ideas for two dinners. First night will be 10 people and the second night will be 8 people. Open to all types of cuisine and ideas. Thank You in advance

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  1. Need a few answers to help us help you: Where are you staying? Will you have a car? Would you prefer to be in walking distance/cab ride/streetcar ride from your hotel?
    Price point? All guys/all girls/mixed group? Age range?

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      Rented a house in the garden district. We will have a car. No preference on transportation to and from restaurant . Open to all price points. Interested in a great experience high end or casual. Half the group is 30's and half the group is 60's my parents, brothers, and our spouses. In town for Produce Association trade show. Previous trips we have eaten at August, Herbsaint, Revolution, Clancy's, Commanders Palace, Looking to try something new. Called Peche and Root and they both couldn't accommodate our group. Maybe something a little off the radar would work.

    2. You might want to consider breaking the 10 group into two tables of 5 and see who can accomodate you. Unless you are seated at a very large round table, you just can not converse with everyone at a ten top.

      Garden District: Mr. John's Steak House, The Upperline, and Atchafalaya come to mind. Have been hearing good things about Appoline on Magazine, but have not been myself.

      FQ: In addition to those you have already mentioned, how about Arnauds, Irene's or Muriels on Jackson Square?

      Casual: Mandina's on Canal, Joey K's on Magazine, Brisbee's on the lakefront, Mariza in the ByWater, College Inn and a trip to Rock-n-Bowl on South Carrollton.

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        Not meaning to detract from the above, as those recs. seem to fit well, I would contact G W Fins, in the FQ, for the larger dinner, and inquire about their private dining room. You are at the lower end of that (we usually have had 12 - 20), they do nice work.

        Good luck, and enjoy,