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Sep 17, 2013 10:03 AM

Vitamix "Dry" Containers; Safe for "Wet" Use?

An inquiry for the Vitamix "experts" out there:

I am currently waffling between Vitamix's Professional 300[1] or 7500[2] models (essentially the same) and their 5200[3] model. Vitamix advertises their 5200 model with a tall (i.e., NOT counter top-friendly) 64-oz. wet container intended for smoothies, etc., and a shorter (i.e., counter top-friendly) 32-oz. dry container intended for grains, etc. The clincher: I've come across a YouTube video demonstrating smoothie creation in the 32-oz. "dry" container. Last I checked, smoothies aren't dry.

KEY QUESTION: Is the 32-oz. dry container actually meant/suitable for dry OR wet uses...?

If I can use the 32-oz. dry container for everyday smoothies and still have the tall 64-oz. container for bigger jobs, I'd rather purchase the 5200 with 2 containers (1 counter top-friendly, 1 not) vs. the 300 or 7500 both with 1 counter top-friendly 64-oz. container for approximately the same price.

Notes: 1) I did pose this question to Vitamix via email, but unfortunately, their supposedly stellar customer services doesn't apparently extend to answering such inquiries. 2) For what it's worth, the woman behind the YouTube video demonstration ended up selling her Pro 300 and keeping the 5200.



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  1. I have the 5200 with both containers. I've never tried to use the dry blade container for smoothies or other liquids. According to the Whole Grains Cookbook pamphlet that comes with the dry container, the dry blades "do not process liquids efficiently". You probably would be fine for basic smoothies but it probably won't be effective on green smoothies.

    There is really no reason not to use the 64oz for smaller jobs, but they do sell a 32oz wet container too.

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      What about thick recipes like frozen banana and frozen strawberry ice cream? Will that work better in the 32 oz dry container?

      1. re: unprofessional_chef

        I don't know about better, I've done frozen fruit ice creams so thick you can hold the container upside down and it doesn't budge in the regular container.