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Breville customer service review

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A few weeks ago I noticed the lower heating element on my 2 1/2 year old Breville Smart Oven ( the full size) stopped working. I knew it was out of warranty but hoped there was a way to replace the element. They offered to an exchange for a refurbished one with a 6 month warranty. It took a week from the time I shipped the old one to them ( they emailed me a prepaid shipping label) until my replacement arrived.

It's working great and I'm happy with the exchange since I knew it was out of warranty and figured I'd have to buy a new one.

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  1. :) Thanks. I am in the market of getting the Breville Mini Toaster Oven.

    1. I had the bottom element of my SmartOven (650) die at the 15 month mark. Same thing, they offered to replace it with a refurb. I was happy. They even accepted my redacted credit card statement as proof of purchase.

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      1. that is reassuring to hear! i have the panini maker and I love it! It is two years old, haven't had any problems yet, but I would be devastated without it. I have been looking for a good toaster oven, do you think that the smart oven is worth the money?

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          I love love love my smart oven. I use it more than my full sized one. It's used multiple times a day. I use it more for baking than toasting anything.

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            Ours gets a workout every morning, toasting everything from bagels to French bread, then in the evening we're likely to roast sweet potatoes, bake garlic bread, bake fish or chicken, lasagna, there's no end to what we do in our large oven.

            Yes, it makes pizza, too. :)

          2. BSO is the most used thing in the kitchen. Love it!