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Sep 17, 2013 09:18 AM

Last Minute trip!! Today and Tomorrow!!

My husband and I are taking the train from Providence to Nyc for just the rest of the today and all day tomorrow. We will do lunch when we arrive today and dinner tonight with local friends. They decided on the dinner spot ( The smile ?). We were thinking of Tertulia for lunch. Tomrrow we would like suggestions for breakfast. We are staying in Union Square. We would Like a full breakfast menu with great coffee and creative takes on classics. Maybe The Breslin? We will have time for lunch that afternoon and want innovative asain. We were looking at kin shop or mission Chinese. We are open if there is a better option. We mainly be hanging out in the villages or LES. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Love Breslin for breakfast, their skirt steak with tomatilla is awesome.

    Kinshop for lunch is also a great idea and you will probably have an easier time getting in compared to MC.

    1. Tertulia has a $10 paella special (individual size) for lunch. $15 if you add a glass of sangria. I love the food there but we usually go for dinner as the menu has more items.

      I'd also look at Motorino's lunch special, pizza and a salad for $12.

      The Breslin is a great choice for weekday breakfast. If you want something closer to the LES, consider also Shopsin's (very creative) or Clinton St Baking Company (less creative but really good). Joseph Leonard also if you plan to be in the West Village.

      For lunch, Kin Shop & Mission Chinese are both excellent. Mission, especially, will be much quieter for weekday lunch and lack the long lines they have during dinner. I'd also look at Momofuku Ssam Bar's duck lunch.

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        I noticed Tertulia lunch menu was not as extensive as dinner but had been dying to go- think I will be disappointed with lunch?

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          I think you'll have a good but not amazing experience, and the space is nice and bright during the day. Last time we were there a few weeks ago, they didn't have the padron peppers (out of season). We really like the smoked deviled eggs. The crushed egg toast is good as is the anchovy toast. I don't see the sugar snap pea salad, maybe it's out of season now. I would personally avoid the sandwich dishes just because they're OK, not amazing.