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Sep 17, 2013 09:10 AM

San Francisco Chowhound calling for a chowdown ...Nov 21-22


Please don't delete my message as there is no chowdown list for HK to my knowledge.

Greetings all -

I will be in Hong Kong on Nov 21st and 22nd.

I worked as a consultant doing 15 hour days in HK many moons ago,so I am sightly familiar with HK - but not been in over a decade.

I would love to meet any of you board regulars from the HK chowhound contingent - for a chowdown or chow-crawl.

Ideas and suggestions for destinations welcome. I will be more than likely staying in Kowloon and am willing to travel pretty much anywhere for great chow.

Here's a list of some places I gathered in Central, that kyle_oh has confirmed to be current. Unfortunately, he can't join because he is in KL on those days.

- Mak's Wellington for won ton noodles
- Lan Fong Yuen HK style milk tea

- Kau Kee clear broth beef brisket noodles

- the various dai pai dong's on Central on Stanley Street

- egg tart at Tai Cheong or Honolulu Cafe

- Ser Wong Fun for classical style stewed soups and dishes (e.g. baked fish intestines), lap mei claypot rice

- Luk Yu Tea House (if you have time for early dinner....pork lung almond creamy soup, old style sweet sour pork, sticky rice stuffed chicken) or try the old style dinner at Lin Heung Tea House?

Peech and Phil_D - you chaps still around?



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  1. I could be around - diary is pretty fluid that far out. However, I don't think the locals would be too inspired by these options though, good as they are, as they are regular haunts for cheap day to day meals so not that special for us.

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    1. re: PhilD

      What do you recommend then? I am open, both in terms of cuisine and cost.


    2. Just curious, is this still happening? I'm in Hong Kong right now.

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      1. re: M_Gomez

        I am here as well - just 12 more hours to go. I am at The Pen. Email me at the address in my profile if any of you want to get together for lunch.

        1. re: osho

          Oh, I just saw this! I'm sorry, dear. Anyway, I was hoping there's a Chow get-together somewhere and I would just pop in. Have you managed to find something good to eat in the past 2 days?