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Need a place for anniversary dinner in Bergen County

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I'm tired of all the same old places. I want something special. Price is not an issue. My husband likes steak, I like seafood. We both like Mexican and Greek. I am open to all suggestions. I just want it to be a little more special than your regular night out. Thanks!

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    1. I would say either varka in Ramsey!

      Or if you want to try something different i would say local seasonal kitchen in ramsey is your best bet. but make sure to book well in advance.

      1. Rosa Mexicano in Hackensack.

        1. Tired of same old places...I am guessing the River Palm would qualify as same old?

          How about St. Eve? That is far from same old.

          There have been some positive reviews, comments, etc. about the ownership/management of the Saddle River Inn.

          Good luck and enjoy (and happy anniversary).

          1. Take a tip from rhonj... Sear in closter specializes in steak and has a mean seafood tower. It also has that a fancy feel.

            1. I second the rec for Axia in Tenafly. A special place. Great environment and terrific food. Unlike most other places, so you won't feel "same old" at all here.

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                Unfortunately, in NJ, whenever someone thinks of fine dining, most options are steak houses which can be pretty boring especially if you don't like steak too much. Axia is one of the more interesting spot in NJ.

              2. Had a surprise birthday for my mother-in-law at Fire and Oak. Great staff, wonderful ambiance, and interesting cuisine. http://www.fireandoak.com/montvale/