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Sep 17, 2013 08:25 AM

Rugleach and/or Babka: How long will it last?

We're going to Canada to visit family on Thursday, and I wanted to pick up a babka and some rugelach from Breads Bakery to bring as gifts. However we leave late Thursday and are seeing most people Friday. I would have to go on Wednesday to get everything, so my question is: will either of these items still be good 2-3 days after I purchase them? Never kept bakery items like these that long, since they tend not last in my own household....

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  1. I have done the same previously- i just put the rugelach in a ziplock make sure all the air is out. We microwaved it for literally 8seconds and 100xs better than no rugelach! :) should be same for the babka- will lose a tiny bit of freshness, but still very good