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Sep 17, 2013 07:34 AM

Needed: Excellent San Antonio coffee bean store

...and wouldja have a great wine-find retailer??

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  1. Hi DickGrub...can't help too much with coffee, since I have to
    have de-caf. ( Forget it.) But when I did imbibe, I liked the selection at Central Market. There used to be a roaster at 138 W. Rhapsody, near the airport in SA. Don't know if they're still there, but it was called What's Brewing, so might
    be worth a phone call. For wine, there always Joe Saglimbeni , also happens to be on Rhapsody. They have been SA's premium wine dealer for years, along with Gabriel's. Before you drive to SA for wine, however, check out Patrick Wilt's Grape Juice here in Kerrville. He might be able to get what you want and he really knows and is excited by wines. Spec's is hard to beat and Lisa there will provide good recs. I'm hearing some rumors that a Colombian coffee
    dealer that a friend knows may soon have a web site and perhaps an outlet here. I'll let you know if this happens. Good luck with your coffee and wine drinking!

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      Thanks, AZ; Lisa has been picking out some good stuff for me at Specs. Met Patrick and his wife when first arrived in K'ville, and loved his hearty hospitality, but amazingly his bar staff is utterly devoid of the boss's key attribute, and I haven't been there in about a year. Thanks for Joe S; will try soon.

    2. We use Wildfire on Huebner, roasted in house in small batches. About $13/lb.

      1. We like Aaron Brown and Brown Coffee Co. It's fun to go to their hq's on Kings Hwy and see the space where he does the roasting. Cafe on Broadway is simple and nice.

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        1. re: storefronteats

          Seats: Thanks; will try AB next trip to SA. (I've always bought at Central Market--as AZ notes above--but I notice the beans seeming a bit elderly, and I'm looking to upgrade from CM.)