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Sep 17, 2013 07:27 AM

Good, moderately priced Le Marais and beyond

Going to Paris for a week this Fall and staying in the Marais. Would love some recommendations that won't break the bank.

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  1. What do you consider not breaking the bank ?
    What type of food do you like where you live ?
    What type of restaurant do you want to go to ?
    Try the search feature on the French board, e.g.

    Where to eat in the 4th Arrondisement ?
    What are a must places even if l have to float up the Seine to reach them ?

    You will get a lot of info, then ask your questions again and we can help far more efficiently.

    1. And give us the nearest intersection to your apartment/ hotel. The definition of "the Marais" is very flexible.

      Although some more recent additions and deletions are necessary, here's some good starts to your search:

      1. At least as of a few years ago, we had very nice meals at Chez Janou,

        1. We HATED Chez Janou! But my recent post about that caused much consternation from its defenders here, even some close-to-personal attacks (What's wrong with me that I hated the place?) . Check that thread, decide for yourself.

          Anyway, just a couple of blocks away just off the dreamy Place des Vosges is a terrific restaurant, moderately priced with excellent food. Les Bonnes Soeurs. 8 rue du pas de la Mule.

          Also, a unique resto with a small plates-type menu and an Art Gallery is Vingt Vins d'Art, on rue de Jouy. Lots of fun!

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            Le marais - I feel for you
            "close-to-personal attacks" unfortunately come with the territory - you post, they pile on. Don't take it personally even though it was meant personally.
            I wrote a paper on Incivility on the web and it's been totally ignored. Why, because anonymity, booze and sleep deprivation facilitate it.

          2. Try Chez Robert et Louise. In the area, fairly priced and the food is very good.

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              Claude Colliot, Minimes (ex from the Clocher Priere), Pamela Popo, Cafe des Musees, Gaigne (should be reopened.)