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Sep 17, 2013 07:27 AM

Rehearsal Dinner - Baltimore

I haven't seen much discussion on here for this topic, so I’m curious to see what responses I get based on some experiences or information that I may not have.

We're looking in the 40-60 people range and would like to keep the price reasonable at $35-50 per person on food.

I really don't like Little Italy, but the places I've looked at (La Tavola, La Scala, Amiccis etc.) seem to meet my criteria of price/ability to accommodate the 40-60 guests. Anyone have any experiences recently with the food at these places or better yet, attend a private party anywhere in Little Italy?

Would love to do Fells Point, but I'm struggling with ideas in the right price range. John Stevens? Waterfront? Bond Street?

Places already eliminated: Woodberry Kitchen, Waterfront Kitchen, The Olive Room, Gertrude’s.

Any help appreciated!

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  1. We rented a room on the top floor of the Admiral Fells Inn and they allowed us to bring in our own caterer for the meal. The room we rented had a large balcony overlooking Thames St. and we had cocktails out there before dinner and afterwards. It was 15 years ago but always thought it was an awesome location.

    1. We just celebrated my mother's birthday at La Scala. They did a fabulous job of making my mother feel very special and accommodating our family's diverse needs (including making special meals for the kids). The food and service were very good-- I especially loved their gnocchi in pesto sauce. If you and your guests would enjoy traditional Italian cuisine, I don't think you'll go wrong there.

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        I think La Scala is a serious contender. Do you remember if they did one of the "Menu Packages"? Or was it more of a customized menu?
        I've not eaten there, but I think they used to have a sandwich shop up the street that was awesome.

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          We went the customized route. The packages would have saved us $, but our family had too many different needs (including kids' dinners, vegetarians, those avoiding carbs, etc.) for one to make everyone happy. The good news is that they'll work with you to meet everyone's needs, even making dishes that aren't on the menu!

      2. Please, please, heed my advice--at least check out Tabrizi's. The owner will work with you price-wise and cuisine-wise. The atmosphere is absolutely lovely and very conducive to rehearsal dinners and wedding dinner/venues. No problem with parking, that would be an issue in Little Italy--same with Fells Point. And, the worthwhile restaurants in Fells Point would not fit into your price range.

        Gertrudes, at the BMA, is another favorable option. NO issue with parking, somewhat reasonable price-wise--lovely atmosphere, outdoor dining at this time of year. Very accommodating chef and staff.

        Good luck and I hope you can select a venue that fits your needs. Foi Gras

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          We're doing the reception at Tabrizi's.

          Couldn't seem to get the pricing down to a reasonable level at Gertrude's which is a shame because the actual rehearsal is up in that area.