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Sep 17, 2013 07:06 AM

This is what we ate - Bar Harobr and Kennebunkport

We ate breakfast included in our hotel every day with the exception of one day Café This Way. Cute place. No waiting. Friendly waitress. Great pancakes. What's not to like.

Bar Harbor: Thurstons, Reading Room, Mache Bistro, West Side Café for dinner. Was not crazy for Thurstons. Understand it was a pound but found the whole thing very messy. Sides were all disappointing (corn, coleslaw, blueberry cake). Chowder was the worst we've ever eaten. Hard to eat lobster with plastic fork and knife and Thurstons was $91 for two. We spent slightly more for a better meal at Reading Room with better everything. JMO. Reading Room impressed us. Nice atmosphere, friendly staff and best blueberry pie dessert. Mache Bistro was "okay". I wanted it to be better but it wasn't. Glad we went. Menu very limited. Inside dark and dreary. For the same amount of money we ate better at Reading Room and watched the sun set. We only went to West Side because we just wanted to go as we were to a walk in kind of place. Had a quick chowder at Galyns. Nothing to write home about. We loved the ice cream at Udder Heaven and went several times. Jordan Pond turned out to be a wonderful surprise. Went twice. Lobster Stew was outstanding. And those popovers. Would go again in a minute but parking was PITA.

Kennebunkport- First night at Cape Porpoise Chowder House. LIked it much better than Thurstons. What a cute town. Great atmosphere. Next night we did On The Marsh. Very pretty place. Good waitress. Food was okay. Would not go back only because I would rather try another place. Husband had cupcake with glass jug of milk with red and white straw. So cute and delicious. Stopped at Mabels for late lunch. Good lobster roll and chowder. Friendly waitress. We liked it a lot. Also stopped at Lord's. Had to have lobster stew as suggested by chow reader. Hubby had lobster roll. While I enjoyed the stew liked Jordan's version much more. Loved the place though. Felt like all the locals go there and it was a nice place to go to. Tried Rocco's ice cream too. Reminded me of Bent Spoon in Princeton. Had a goat cheese and wine ice cream. Good stuff.

Stopped at Peppe's for Pizza in New Haven on the way back. Something different. Also had lobster roll in Bite Into Maine Truck. Loved it. Took chowhounder's advice and ordered the corn/blueberry salad. Sounds quirky but somehow it all worked. Loved the rootbeer. Very clean. Not a bug or fly in sight. Friendly owners . Love that there are bowls of water all over Maine for pets. Also stopped at 2 Fat Cats for stuff but they had minimal things for sale. Perhaps it was too late at 3 PM on a Saturday? Did grab a whoopee pie which was outstanding but it would have helped if the cashier was friendly and smiled. Or talked. Or something. But that's just me. Come on. Its a bakery. How can you not be happy.?

Love Maine. Can't wait to go back. Wonderful experience. I'd go back tomorrow in a heartbeat.

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  1. I got boiled lobster at Lord's when we were there two weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. Had lobster stew at Billy's Chowder House, and that was wonderful. :)

    I keep forgetting to look for a good whoopie pie!

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      Had planned to go to Billys but there just wasn't time. Another reason to go back I guess.