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Sep 17, 2013 06:51 AM


Was planning a kidless foodcation to nyc in 2 weeks, but now it's turned into a family vacation with our 2 year old. Our itinerary is being hacked to pieces and trying to figure out if the Williamsburg Smorgasburg is a good way to spend a late Saturday morning, so we have a chance to try a lot of different food. We will have a stroller, will we have a hard time navigating?

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  1. this will probably get moved to the outer boroughs board, but smorgasburg is in dumbo and williamsburg, not ft. greene. ft. greene is where the brooklyn flea is located, and while they do have some food vendors, they don't have as many as at smorgasburg.

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      I flagged it and asked that they move it.. thanks, I wasn't even thinking.

      Oh, that is good to know, I must have read wrong. Thanks!

    2. Having been to both, I think the DUMBO one is more kid-filled and kid friendly. Definitely a good way to try a lot of new things.

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        Unfortunately, we leave on Sunday morning so the Williamburg location on Saturday morning would be our only option.

        I am looking at pictures on yelp and it doesn't look like there are narrow walk ways to navigate, so I think our small stroller will be good. As long as my kid is eating, he is happy and we don't plan to be there all day.

        How long would you think we might spend there?

        Is it only food or are there vendors selling other items as well?

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          Smorgasburg is food only, although the sell take away pre-packaged/bottled food (i.e. Pickles, salsa, chocolate) as well. The Ft. Greene Brooklyn Flea, as Jon said has considerably fewer food venders, but a lot of other types of stuff. Note that I would not expect most food venders to be serving before noon at either location.

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            Good to know - i actually flipped through the 700+ pictures on yelp (and had a foodgasm..) and see that it is only food.

            I think we are going to head there around 1ish - this way my son will be asleep in his stroller and we can enjoy an hour or two of not having to share our treats ;)

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              Even if you can't make the Sunday location in Dumbo, it's still a great place to go with your two-year-old on Saturday before or after the Williamsburg location.

              There's a carousel, a great playground, and it's a 10 minute boat ride (the East River Ferry) from the Williamsburg location.

              1. re: Peter

                We had the same idea. We are training in from Long Island, so we planned to hit up Brooklyn Bridge Park and Jane's Carousel, then jump on the east river ferry and to go to Smorgasburg.

      2. Just park the stroller with the baby sleeping at the Ramen burger line and come back an hour later. Everybody wins.

        Now that Ive been to both I do like the Dumbo location more but if you cant make it that's fine

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          If the line is really an hour long, I am so passing.. I am not totally keen to trying it but thought I might give it a go since it was there.

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            Some lines are longer than others, but if you get there early, you won't have to wait long at most places. The Wmsbg location is right by the water w/ some open grass to sit on and eat picnic style or veg out after stuffing yourself.

            1. re: GoodGravy

              I saw that in the pictures, that is nice.

              We had planned on going first thing when it opened but then someone said the food isn't always ready and I thought it might be better to go to Brooklyn Bridge Park with my son first and then take the ferry over, so that he sleeps while we are there. I hope to be there no later than 1.

        2. We've been to both Smorgasburgs with our 2-year old and they're both perfectly kid-friendly. Both are reachable by the East River Ferry, too, which is always a fun way to travel in the city. The lines vary by purveyor, some are crazy and some are reasonable, some worth it, some not. There's never a line to get in. Lots of little small bites and tasty treats make it easy to find something that everyone will like.

          The Smorgasburg in Williamsburg is also near another child-friendly joint -- a great little ice cream parlor with weird (but delicious) flavors. Our son played peekaboo with one of the proprietors for a good 10 minutes when we there, but he also enjoyed his strawberry lavender sorbet. I'm partial to the cornbread ice cream and must make it back since they've added a proper sundae version similar to what was served at wd~50 when Sam Mason (the man behind the ice cream at Oddfellows) was there.