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Sep 17, 2013 06:29 AM

downtown Gu's

heres an announcement on smaller Gu's downtown

Gu's Dumplings will open from the team behind Buford Highway's popular Gu's Bistro. It'll serve dumplings and noodles as well as a few starters and other dishes like the spicy dry eggplant. Unlike at the bistro, which serves all pork dumplings, there will be vegetarian and other meat options available in Krog Street Market. The owners say that they're making the move into town because they listened to their customers. "A lot of our customers who travel from in town to Buford Highway say there are no authentic Chinese restaurants in town and that we should open one," says Yvonne Gu Khan. "At first, we were just going to sell dumplings, but they said, no you have to have these other dishes as well." The restaurant will not have its own seating, but the market's common areas will have tables and chairs for guests to utilize. On Twitter: @GusDumplings

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  1. Will the dumplings be Sichuan style like Gu's Bistro serves? I love Gu's, but I've never felt dumplings were their forte. With all the great Sichuan food they serve, picking dumplings as the focus of their intown foray seems odd.

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      From Gu's Bistro website:

      "Since our Zhong Style Dumplings and Chengdu Cold Noodle dishes have received overwhelming recognition, we decided to open a smaller version of Gu's Bistro that focuses on dumplings and noodles. We offer more dumpling filling choices, a few noodle dishes, and some of your favorites from Gu's Bistro."