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Sep 17, 2013 06:03 AM

Oktoberfest, K-W, 2013

Although the Munich Oktoberfest did not escape my youthful grasp in the 80’s, my spouse and I are first-time Oktoberfest hopefuls this year in the K-W area. Since the turn of the new millennium, we have settled into a preference to avoid bar fights and beer vomit, and would appreciate any help in wading through the myriad of venues and events this festival has to offer. We are really looking forward to enjoying decent food, spirited live German music and an atmosphere reminiscent of Bavarian culture in Canada.
Can anyone please pass on your recommendations and experiences? I am attaching a link to of ticketed events for 2013 and a link to the Oktoberfest home page to help jog your collective memories. Thank you for your help. Ein Prosit!

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  1. If you want a real authentic experience, the German Hunting and fishing Club (Hubertushaus) in Mannheim is an old stone "chalet" that comes complete with wooden beams and deer heads on the walls, and the food is great.
    Alpine, Schwaben and Transylvania are all good, though perhaps a bit more subdued (older crowd?). Queensmount Arena, the Aud, and Flying Dog/Revolution tend to attract more of a college crowd.
    But the ultimate Oktoberfest experience is under the tent with a couple thousand of your closest friends at the Concordia -if you can get a ticket. Not exactly Munich, but as close as it gets in North America. Concordia Club is THE place to be for KW Oktoberfest. A pretty tough ticket though, and even if you have one, you could be waiting in a long line depending on when you arrive.

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      Great push to get us on the right track...
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