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Sep 17, 2013 03:58 AM

Chickens dine on 4-star scraps from NYC restaurants

It does sound a bit like an article from The Onion

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  1. A 2 and a half hour commute one way trip for kitchen scraps. Love the carbon footprint.

    Stick Amish in front of anything and you get an implied embrace of the pre industrial simple life. Not the electrified mega sheds you see in the picture.

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      Even the Amish farmer notes the insanity of driving the scraps that far:

      "The birds live on property owned by Leon Zimmerman, an Amish farmer and father of 12 who passed through New York City just once. “We’re not used to quite that much traffic,” he said. He has been raising chickens for decades, but never quite this way.

      “We explained the concept,” Ms. Daguin said, “but for him it’s like: ‘What? You’re driving two and a half hours to give me vegetable scraps? I have them right here.’ ”

    2. One step closer to a $50 a la carte chicken entrée.

      1. This morning, my chickens feasted on leftover farro, assorted baby lettuces, and avocado scraps - ie, what didn't go into the compost. They dined al fresco, in the company of a handsome young cottontail intent on decimating what's left of this season's tomatoes. In other words, welcome to the world of raising your own chickens. Mine are not destined for the table, though, as I have trouble eating named creatures with whom I have regular conversations.