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Sep 16, 2013 08:09 PM

Downtown Cleveland [moved from Vegan/Vegetarian board]

Can anyone recommend anything vegetarian (no fish, eggs and dairy ok) and chow-worthy in downtown cleveland. I'm willing to splurge on price. I'm staying near the Radisson downtown, extra points if I can walk there.

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  1. well I'm way too late for this response. Surprisingly, the meat & potato football city has 3 great Vegan restaurant downtown. I live near NYC but stuck in Cleveland often do for work.

    Flaming Ice Cube - is a small vegan cafe, there focus is the fake meat sandwiches, heavy on the soy products. TLT's, buffalo chic-kin, also has smoothie bar too etc they were voted by VegNews magazine as top veggie burger. But it's not my favorite burger. I think they make the BEST vegan desserts, cupcakes, cookies, the peanut butter crunch bar. Flaming Ice Cube bakery is better than the Vegan sweet tooth in Eaton mall, Beachwood, ohio

    Next door to Flaming Ice Cube is more of upscale restaurant that added a separate Vegan menu when they saw how popular the Ice cube was becoming. I'm trying to think of the name of this place as I write this. They have the better veggie burger, it's black bean based and their vegan menu is more focused on veggies & pastas over heavy soy product. hmmm still trying to remember the name... Pura Vida is the name of the restaurant. look it up on yelp. lol

    Pure & Supreme Cuisine - This place is a hidden GEM in Cleveland. It actually makes me miss Cleveland when I'm in NYC. Pure & Supreme is little Caribbean/Aftrican take out place in the Colonial Market place. Everything is Organic and Vegan, makes a point no microwaves, always fresh, never frozen, stainless steel pan, filter water, eco friendly containers. they give huge portions that price just right that leaves you very satisfied. Each day of the week they offer something unique like ... The ground nut (peanut) stew, okra cauliflower curry and plantain curry are delicious, various sandwiches but I've gone back for the Live Salad Plate the most times. This salad plate has a lot of different flavors for the price. You get a salad with nice greens and veggies with a delicious creamy garlic dressing, hummus, seaweed, a sliced avocado. These add-ons rotate occasionally. They've included an absolutely amazing kale cole slaw, plantain curry, hummus, and Carrot Supurb, a delicious carrot puree. The also have juice bar too. I think this is the only 100% Organic restaurant in Cleveland. The one downside, go earlier at lunch time, lines get long & the women who owns is amazing chef also operates the registers too. it's a long wait as she runs back & forth

    Okay so that the 3 most delicious vegan restaurants in Cleveland, then in the suburbs there's a few Vegetarian Friendly restaurant, Tommy's in Cleveland Hts or Root Cafe in Lakewood. It's kinda hard for the vegans out in the suburbs, just usually stuck with Chiplote's, or Indian/Asian restaurant,

    Oh gotta give mention to Taste of Kerala - they have vegetarian options. This is a South Indian restaurants that is authentic Indian, in other words they did not tone down the spice for the american's palete. Sadly most of New Jersey Indian restaurants are bland compared to Kerala. I'm told there's difference between Northern India and South India in how they spice their food. I love taste of Kerala, chickpea curry over rice noodles, and the banana fry's in the summer. And the Bonus, it's cheap, actually it's soooo cheap I used to worry how they'll pay rent when they first open, but today high volume.

    Everytime I'm in cleveland or new town, I always search yelp for the vegan restaurants.