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Sep 16, 2013 07:48 PM

Cheap eats and donuts in KC

So my significant other and I are going to KC for the weekend because I have a conference on Saturday somewhere in the KC burbs. We have dinner planned out for Saturday night, Rye, but we are trying to figure out something for Friday night. We will be driving in from Columbia, MO in the early evening. We are just trying to figure out something that will not be too much money (like $40 for the two of us), but will also be tasty. Any ideas?

I am also looking for a great donut shop for Sunday morning or a place that serves fresh donuts as part of their breakfast on Sunday mornings. Any thoughts on this either?

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  1. I've posted this before but you can't beat Story The half price bar menu is great. They also have a $10 Sunday plate.

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      We went to Story for their 2nd anniversary and it was so good, I forget about them and their half price menu.

      1. Where will you be staying? Grinders is kind of a cool place - in the midtown area. There's an east side which has great pizza, cheesesteaks and lots of character - the west side is a little bit nicer but I believe you can order food off of either menu. Donuts will also depend on the area of town you're staying in. Let me know.

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          I forgot to mention where we are staying. We are staying in Westport at The Q Hotel, but we can go pretty much anywhere in the area. We do not mind driving a bit to get good food and we are driving in Friday night so we can drive a bit more to get to a restaurant if need be.

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            Bread for Life is around the corner from the Q hotel. It is a hole in the wall middle eastern sandwich place with spectacular bread. A good lunch place.

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              Grinders would be convenient - Bread for Life is a great spot, too. Grinders is more of a bar scene - no alcohol at Bread for Life. Donuts - Lamar's on Main is close to where you're staying but for a total throwback experience I recommend John's Space Age Donuts at 8124 Floyd in Overland Park. New Peking Chinese is right around the corner from the Q - great chinese. Another thought for breakfast is Beignet's -

          2. Westport Bar and Cafe is a fun place - not terribly expensive.