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Where to go for pre-concert FUN in Daniel Island/Mount Pleasant/Charleston

miss piggy Sep 16, 2013 06:55 PM

Headed to concerts on Friday and Saturday at Family Circle Tennis Cup Arena on Daniel Island in early October. So thrilled to be in the Charleston area this time of year!

We have rented a house that is off the Long Point Road exit of 526 in Mount P. I think it should be less than 10 minutes or so from the venue? I hope so! Anyways, we will be getting in on Friday afternoon and are looking for a place somewhere w/in 15 minutes drive of the venue OR our house for drinks and good food. Nothing fancy, food doesn't have to be "great"...we are mainly looking for a fun place to hang out...bonus points for a view, patio, beach (how far will we be from the beach actually?), etc. Anything like that in the area?

On Saturday we plan on going into Charleston. Definitely want to hit Pearlz happy hour at 4 and maybe the rooftop at the Vendue? I wasn't crazy about the drinks there but thought the ambiance was fun. Is there a better place for something like this? I read alot about Fleet landing on this board - would that be a good place for drinks and a view? Again, we are traveling for a very limited time with two people who have never been to Charleston and are NOT looking for fancy dinners this time around but mainly outdoor dining, fun day-drinks atmosphere kind of places, etc. Any other ideas for Charleston appreciated. Oh and before anyone panics...we will have a sober driver. It just won't be me :)

And finally, brunch on Sunday before we head out of town...would you suggest Red Drum in Mount P? Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. JayL RE: miss piggy Sep 16, 2013 07:16 PM

    For outdoors and a fun crowd, head to Sullivan's Island. A few spots ther will fit the bill...and a trip to Poe's would be almost obligatory.

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    1. re: JayL
      miss piggy RE: JayL Sep 16, 2013 07:37 PM

      Poe's looks exactly like what we are looking for! Thanks!

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      mollybelle RE: miss piggy Sep 16, 2013 08:44 PM

      The exit for the house and the venue are five minutes apart.The beach might be 15 minutes tops.

      Sullivan's island is close and lots of casual choices, all within the same block. Station 22 has sort of gone upscale, but still very comfortable and good food.Sullivan's is great for casual seafood.

      Do consider the top deck at Red's on Shem Creek.(drinks and bar snacks only) Also consider the roof top/ outdoor at the new Charleston Fish house at patriots point.The atmosphere is a little cold but the view is incredible.

      The rooftop bars downtown are a long drive for the trip you're planning...if you get my drift.

      1. danna RE: miss piggy Sep 17, 2013 08:28 AM

        Hey Miss Piggy!

        Poe's is a good idea.

        Other thoughts: On Isle of Palms, Coda del Pecse has a fantastic view of the ocean, and outdoor dining. It's a *leetle* bit fancy, but not frou frou. I took my parents there a couple of weeks and ago and they enjoyed it more than the more downscale Glass Onion.

        Also on IOP, Coconut Joe's. If you aren't eating, just drinking, it's a fantasic beach bar, IMHO. It's got that breezy beach atmosphere and it's directly on the ocean, unlike Poe's. You could do both....go to Poe's where you're ready to eat.

        Also, look up EVO pizza in N. Charleston. It's casual and delicious and has some outdoor tables on the street.

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        1. re: danna
          miss piggy RE: danna Sep 17, 2013 09:20 AM

          Coconut Joe's looks great too! I'm assuming all of these beachy places will be open the first weekend in October?

          I've been wanting to try EVO...maybe now is the time considering we'll be on the north side of town.

          Any breakfast/brunch ideas in Mount P for Saturday and Sunday?

          1. re: miss piggy
            JayL RE: miss piggy Sep 17, 2013 07:59 PM

            The upper deck at Coconut Joe's is ok for a bar and music...but I will never eat in the restaurant there again.

            Def. Poe's for food & drink if you ask me.

            1. re: JayL
              danna RE: JayL Sep 19, 2013 08:18 AM

              yes. that "don't eat there" point is well worth underscoring re; Coconut Joe's.

              I would also say, don't get the wrong idea on Poe's. It's good food for a beach bar...but nothing super special. I know Miss P is looking for fun, but wanted to make that comment for other readers who might get the wrong idea. Don't waste a Charleston meal at Poe's specifically for the food.

        2. m
          mustardgirl RE: miss piggy Sep 17, 2013 11:59 AM

          Pearlz Happy Hour is Monday-Friday 4-7

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          1. re: mustardgirl
            miss piggy RE: mustardgirl Sep 17, 2013 01:21 PM

            Oh boo! Thanks for that reminder. We may go for a late lunch then...looks like they open at 2 on Saturdays. Thanks for the heads-up!

            1. re: miss piggy
              miss piggy RE: miss piggy Oct 3, 2013 05:36 AM

              One more question...thoughts on a casual but tasty place for brunch in Mount P and/or Charleston for Saturday and/or Sunday? I loooooove Hominy Grill but we may not want to wait that long for a table.

              1. re: miss piggy
                danna RE: miss piggy Oct 3, 2013 06:49 AM

                Charleston Cafe (but may have a long wait too) or Boulevard Diner

          2. t
            Tiger66 RE: miss piggy Oct 3, 2013 11:39 AM

            I live on Daniel Island, and we like to go to the Daniel Island Grille. It's a sports bar right on the main drag -- five minutes from the stadium.

            Lots of outdoor space, nice folks, and the typical offerings of food, beer and cocktails. It's usually hopping before and after a concert.

            Best part is, you get in to vicinity of the concert, park your car, and tailgate at the DIG. Easy.


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            1. re: Tiger66
              miss piggy RE: Tiger66 Oct 8, 2013 05:04 PM

              Thanks everyone! Loved lunch at Poe's and drinks at Coconut Joe's. Also had decent apps and drinks with a view, plus excellent service (I.e., cute bartender), at Red's Ice House in Mount P. :) Didn't get to town for oysters but according to most people we spoke with we were early for that anyway so that will be a separate trip! Love Charleston and the surrounding area...we will be back soon!

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