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Sep 16, 2013 06:40 PM

Paris --> Marseille

Heading on a roadtrip from Paris to Marseille between 25/9 and 1/10. We're gonna skip Paris and probably drive all the way to Burgundy (from Beauvais) on the first day, stay in Beaune?

On the look out for excellent food and wine experiences, focus on agrotourism. Vineyards? Farms? Cheesemakers? Markets? Restaurants? All up to date advices are welcome!

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  1. A farm near Beaune: 20 km northwest of Beaune is La Ruchotte, an organic heritage poultry and animal farm. One comfortable chambre d'hote, delicious evening meal composed of meats and produce from the farm, heavenly farm eggs at breakfast.

    In wine country: La Chouette private hotel in Puligny Montrachet. Huge rooms, extraordinary breakfast buffet.

    Wine tasting lunch at Olivier LeFlave (or stay in his luxe chambre d'hote)

    Dinner at Le Montrachet (also a small hotel)

    or 2km away in Corpeau at Le Vieux Vigneron (my choice where you'll find locals and lots of soul

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