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Sep 16, 2013 04:25 PM

Sno-Zen Shaved Ice Mountain View?

Just read something about Sno-Zen Shaved Snow & Dessert Cafe. Wondering if anyone has tried it yet... Sounds very interesting. Has only been open a week or so.

2101 Showers Drive
Mountain View

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  1. Tried it a couple weekends ago - they had an off-menu banana flavor (weekly special). It was pretty good! Definitely welcome since Nubi stopped serving snow. My only wish is that they would introduce a tart yogurt flavor.

    The space is interesting - it's sort of like a neighborhood deli that happens to have snow.

    1. Stopped in for a quick treat with my girls as the older has been talking about it for some time. All I have to say is WOW! Seems to be a cross between shaved ice & frozen yogurt (it is a dairy based product). So pretty how this frozen treat is folded & layered.

      They have various fruit toppings as well as option of adding plain condensed milk or black sesame condensed milk. Dd1 had taro w/ condensed milk & dd2 had mango with strawberries. I preferred the latter (not as rich) but next time, would like to try it with black sesame condensed milk as we were told it wouldn't be as sweet as plain.

      Wonder how they chose this location...