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Sep 16, 2013 03:36 PM

Top three LA/OC restaurants by type of cuisine! Discuss

Hey all, what I most enjoy about the LA dining scene is the absurd amount of different/quite brilliant food available. And while I love hunting through old Chowhound threads for the best Moroccan or the best dim sum, etc, I thought it would be cool if we compiled a Chowhound top three list of as many different cuisines as we could think of in LA. I would love to hear everyone's insight/debates.

I would appreciate any contribution!

Types of food I can think of
Peruvian [Pollos a la Brasas, Picca, Mo Chica]
Mexican [Chichen Itza, Guisados, Mariscos Jaliscos
Italian [Sotto, Mozza, Bestia]
Thai [Night + Market, Sapps, Jitlada

Anyways, that's a start. I put my opinion in brackets.

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  1. Out of curiosity, why is Taiwanese separate from Chinese?

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      The independence movement is working...

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        So the fundamental problem of trying to fit together general relatively and quantum mechanics into a "unifying field theory" still remains the black arts to you, Peter? (or I guess another way of saying this is "Gravity sucks!") (g)

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          Shhhh. No such comments on wayward island....

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          Mainly because I expected to see some votes for Taiwanese restaurants that were not so much restaurants as much as they were Boba restaurants or even shave ice spots. Basically, when I think Taiwanese, I think cuisine similar to China but a more elaborate dessert scene... Just my thoughts though!

        3. This post is ambitious; it pretty much summarizes what we try to do on the board in general.

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              How about a list of "generally accepted bests" like Ricky's for fish tacos, Langer's for pastrami, Sea Harbor/Elite for dim sum (your favorite subject), etc.?

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                  Ah that's last year's news. Though I guess we just have to wait a few more weeks for this year's.

              1. I'm just going through the list and putting places I've been that I'd recommend. I'm not arrogant enough to proclaim most of them "best in class" but some of them (*'d) are the best beyond a doubt.

                Empanada's place
                El Huarique
                Cafe Brazil (feijoada, yum!)
                Salvadorean, honestly, can't tell one pupusa from the next, all seem good and about the same to me.
                Mexican I'll leave alone - plenty of great places
                **Will's Jamaican
                French I'll leave alone, there used to be a nice cafe place in Culver City
                Pass on Italian, you've got a good list there
                Pass on German
                UK I liked the pie place in SaMo, it's gone.
                Spitz. Sofra is so-so
                Greek I'll pass on
                **La Espanola, or Ole Spain for us behind the Orange curtain
                Simon's Cafe
                Mozambique? Seriously? If you want to just make it "African" my favorites are Banadir and Veronica's Kitchen. All the Mozambique places I've been to (a whole 2 of them) were overpriced shitty American steakhouses with a bottle of "Peri-Peri" on the table. F that.
                Grandma's Deli Babushka has piroshky, that's the only Russian place I've been in LA (I go nuts for piroshky)
                Shaanxi Gourmet, DTF, and the Szechuan/Hunan top dogs are my faves, plus Sea Harbor and Lunasia for dim sum
                Japanese I can't afford many of them but Kiriko and Mottainai are great.
                Korean I like Sun Ha Jang and Chin Go Gae
                Taiwanese? Huge Tree I guess
                Thai it's Jitlada, Pailin and **Vientiane (OC) for me. Caveat: only do takeout at Jitlada. Night+Market and Prael are in the mix too
                Cambodian I've only been to Seam Reap and it was very good
                Vietnamese (all Westminster) I worked in Westminster for a while so I got to know the scene well enough. Not my favorite cuisine but *Kang Lac, *Top Baguette and Lien Hoa are standouts and the places I went back to/craved most.
                Indonesian I looove Simpang! Haven't been to the SGV places yet and the OC Indo restos SUCK. Ramayani is so-so, Simpang's much better.
                Lebanese I'll pass
                Persian I like Naan Hut and I think the Westwood Blvd restos are are criminally overrated. I like Reyhan OK and that one on Santa Monica with the moustacioed cartoon chef. This place "Taste of Tehran" is new on the scene and looks promising, but I've never been.

                A glaring omission is Indian/Pakistani, and there's only one answer you need to know: ***Zam Zam Market (did you think I'd forget?)