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Sep 16, 2013 01:41 PM

How long do you keep food in your fridge?

Sometimes things go into my fridge and then get lost. I had a container of pork and veg dumplings I picked up at the local Asian market. They were cooked and then packaged. Usually when I buy them I either steam them or if I am really lazy I just wrap them in a damp paper towel and then cook them in the microwave. I found this package in the back of my fridge and realized that I bought them over a week ago. I guess I'm throwing them out. How long do you keep that type of food -- or leftovers?

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  1. The back and bottom sections are the coldest in your fridge (left rear lower is THE coldest, I have read - don't know why left. Unless all fridges are plumbed the same, I would think that the side the door hinge is on would make a difference). Asian food contains a lot of salt, which retards spoilage. If the food smells okay I would use it NOW. I often keep leftovers for a week or more.

    1. I don't store many leftovers but I'll nearly anything that passes the smell test.

      1. It depends on the food. If it's raw meat or poultry I keep it just a few days. Cooked I've kept longer, but no more than a week.

        Fresh veggies in the bin I try to use up within a week because they wilt or dry up, with the exception of celery and carrots,which keep well until I have a chance to use them up.

          1. My own leftovers that only I have handled and packaged will easily keep for a week. Restaurant leftovers don't seem to keep that long for me. But then, I usually don't repackage them into an airtight container. That may be the main difference.