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Sep 16, 2013 01:33 PM

What to serve with tomato tatin

I was thinking of making a tomato tatin to serve at brunch and use up my garden's bounty:

I am looking for what else to serve. I am not big on traditional brunchy foods. I was thinking of some smoked fish, and ...

Bonus points for anything that uses up our kale.

And for anything that 5-year-olds will eat. (Mine won't eat the fish or the tarte.)

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  1. How about kale muffins? There are some really interesting recipes for carrot kale muffins, apple kale, and sweet potato kale....they look good.

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    1. re: pinehurst

      Wow, I never thought of this. Just nosing around online, I found a recipe for chocolate beet kale cupcakes. I think my kid would eat THAT.

    2. I like salads with a tart. What about a kale salad? I haven't tried the recipe at the following link, but bookmarked it for later this week; I plan to make it with "massaged" kale since I can't obtain tuscan kale hereabouts:

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      1. re: janniecooks

        I second the salad with a tart. This is my kale salad recipe:

        Shred kale
        Boil farro, drain, then put hot farro on kale (it will wilt the kale a bit)
        Toss with shaved parm, a big dash of apple cider vinegar, Braggs amino acid, and small dash of olive oil. So good!!

      2. how many people?

        since the tatin is pretty rich i'd do a simple side of poached salmon -- not smoked.

        how about braised kale with pancetta or bacon? not everybody can handle raw kale.

        deviled eggs are easy and always disappear at my brunches.

        yogurt/berry parfaits are good for adults and kids and look pretty. or you could do stone-fruits if they are still around for you.

        platters of cookies and another of mixed grapes.

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        1. re: hotoynoodle

          Four adults, three kids. These are great ideas.

          Smoked fish is just easier: buy, put on plate.

        2. Hey, sweet'tater:

          Maybe biscuits and crab-caper gravy? Oh, and Champagne. Use the kale for mulch.


          1. Kale chips!
            There are a gabazillion recipes out there- are best day of, and with a simple olive oil and salt i've converted potato chip loving kale haters :)

            Not sure why you think you need the fish also, the tartine should be quite filling- a side of roasted green beans with almonds, or thick toast with avocado, salt and a squeeze of lemon, and sliced melons sprinkled with chopped mint

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            1. re: Ttrockwood

              I love kale chips but be careful when salting, they need very little salt. I have made this mistake many times. I think that a crisp tart salad would go very well with a tomato tatin. You could serve a very simple salad and maybe a platter of roasted veg?

              1. re: Ttrockwood

                Kale chips are always good. We have green beans in the garden too.

                I want the fish because I love smoked fish!

                1. re: sweetpotater

                  i love smoked fish too.

                  however, it's generally oily and quite rich, even in small portions. on top of a butter pastry tatin it seems like overkill. how about a nicoise salad with good quality canned tuna?