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Sep 16, 2013 01:14 PM

Any one looking for Barbarian's Steakhouse seasoning?

I had been looking for it for the longest time. Found a few locations. Odd places. Ended up not driving over to that one shop to just get the steak rub. Today (Sept 16, 2013) I found it at the Loblaws Superstore on High Tech Road in Richmond Hill in the herbs/spices area. In case you're in the area and are looking for it...

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  1. I found it over a year ago at Ontario Gas BBQ in Vaughan.

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    1. re: gaudreaur

      Been meaning to visit Ontario Gas. I know they carry many other good meat seasoning brands like Dizzy Pig. But like other locations I knew of 2 years ago they were out of the way for me. Finding Barbaians steak seasoning at Loblaws last week was a relief as I do a lot of my grocery shopping at the location I mentioned.

      How do you like the seasoning? I haven't had a chance yet to try. Is it your "go to" seasoning?

      1. re: BDD888

        It's a good seasoning but I wouldn`t say it's my go-to one. I have a variety of rubs that and seasonings that I use. Mostly for steak just fresh cracked black pepper and kosher salt.