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No Sundried Tomatoes at Costco??

Well I haven't been able to find my usual Bella sundried tomatoes at two different Costcos, so I finally asked at the desk and they told me they have been "discontinued". What's that about? Can you find them at your store?

I'm in the Cincinnati Ohio area.

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  1. Huh, odd. I actually just purchased my first package of sundried tomatoes at Costco on Sunday. I'm in Nashville, TN. This was actually the first time I've noticed them at my store. These were not packed in oil—just stored in a resealable zipper bag.

    Ah, Costco...always a guessing game!

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      I checked last night, and the brand is Bella Sun Luci, same as what you're discussing.

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        Do you recall if there was an asterisk at the upper right corner of the price placard in the store? That indicates that the item is not going to be reordered once they run out of their current stock. If you still have your receipt you can also sometimes tell by the price, discontinued items often end in a .97 or .79.

      2. re: Baskerville

        Costco usually has both, oil packed in a jar and dried in a pouch.

      3. I just saw sundried tomatoes at my Costco, I'll check who's it is.

        1. They have discontinued many items I enjoyed, when I ask why, I get the same answer "We have no control at the local store, the regional buyer makes those decisions", I can understand if an item doesn't move, but that's not usually the case. About all I'm down to buying there is frozen meatballs and B/S chicken thighs.

          1. Here in the Boston area, they were discontinued. They are such a fantastic product. I chop them up and add them to lots of dishes, and also make a killer tapenade. They've had them for years and wonder why they no longer carry them. Contacted the company, Bella Sun Luci, and most retail stores only carry the small jars.

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              They were blowing them out at my Costco, like under $5.00 per jar, I stocked up.

            2. I bought them last week at the Kirkland, WA store. They were $7.99 but didn't notice if there was an asterisk on the price sign.

              1. These are still being sold at Costco/NJ. Next to the marinated mushrooms and artichokes as of Monday.

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                  Which store in NJ. Mine do not have them. Thanks.

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                    I was in the store in Hazlet last Monday and they had the jarred sundried tomatoes there.

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                      Thank you so much. I can go there.

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                        I'd call ahead just in case. This thread has me perplexed why some Costco's stopped carrying it. Customer Service could save you a trip or confirm they are stocking it pretty easily.

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                          Thanks. I will because it is more than an hour away but I love these tomatoes.

                2. Thanks for all the replies. I've looked for them several times at my local Costcos and they're gone, gone gone. I miss them! I buy sun dried tomatoes elsewhere now, but they're just not the same.

                  1. Saw a new stock of Bella Sundried Tomatoes at my So CA Costco today.

                    1. I saw them in the Frisco, TX store about a week ago with the dreaded asterisk on the sign. I should have bought a jar but it wasn't in my budget.

                      1. I'll look for them next time I go. I'd be majorly bummed if they d/c's the sundried tomatoes.

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                          Good luck. If you see them, buy a lot.

                        2. In oil or dried is what I should buy? I saw the dried today with an asterisk. Didn't think to check for oiled. @Costco in Charleston, SC.

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                            I like the one in oil. They are disappearing fast. Buy whatever you see whether oil or water.

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                              The Bella's that I've seen are packed in olive oil.

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                                  The Bella's I've seen are tomato halves in a jar packed in Olive Oil.

                            2. I'm not sure if you know already... but Costco is now carrying oven-dried tomatoes. Not the Bella brand; it's Kirkland Organic Oven-Dried Roma tomatoes. The Bella brand had sulfites as a preservative... this one does not have it. My husband is allergic to sulfites. I personally think this new one is better because the tomatoes are not too chewy.

                              1. I asked about the sd tomatoes in oil at m Costco in Va. They said that they are "seasonal" and that they will carry them again in the Spring.
                                It might not be the same vendor, but they will carry them from someone.

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                                  I saw the Bella brand this week, looks like they're exhausting the inventory. Last year I bagged several jars for under $5.00.

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                                    I still have plenty left in my Bella jar, so I'm hoping my Costco has them soon.
                                    What will I do without them???

                                    (maybe enter a 12-step program, I dunno)

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                                      I don't get the 'seasonal' thing but, I learned my lesson last year and when they were blowing them out at less than $5.00 per jar, I turned on to a hoarder!

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                                    They told me capers are seasonal too. I guess Kansas people only eat capers in warm weather. In Hawaii, every Costco has big jars of capers for cheap all the time. Idiots appear to be running the company now.

                                  3. Saw them at Maple Grove (outside Mpls) last Friday.

                                    1. Seems that Kirkland Oven Dried Organic Roma tomatoes are replacing the Bella Sun Luci brand. Just bought the new ones. In a side-by-side comparison, the Bella Sun Luci brand wins, hands down. They are much chewier and intense. The Kirkland brand is mushy and don't have that intense tomato-y flavor. The Bella Sun Luci list of ingredients were simple: tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, herbs and spices (and sulfites-which never bothered me), the new Kirkland brand is organic, and contains lemon juice and citric acid, which seems to replace the sulfites for preservatives. I am so disappointed. I guess the motivation was an organic product and no sulfites. Will try and buy the old Bella Sun Luci brand via Amazon.

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                                        Are sun dried and oven dried tomatoes the same thing? I thought the oven dried were jucier/less chewy in general.

                                      2. Has anyone tried the Roland Sun-Dried Tomato Strips? They come in a 1-kg bag and are on the Costco website.

                                        1. I tried the new Kirkland Signature oven dried tomatoes at Costco and was very disappointed. They were mushy and tomatoes were various sizes which made preparing my recipe difficult. In addition I was unable to drain the oil off due to the pile of mush! I did find the 35 oz large jar of Bella Sun Luci at Amazon. I hope Costco brings Bella Sun Luci back soon! I don't understand why Costco constantly replaces products that have been in their stores for years. Obviously Bella Sun Dried Tomatoes must have be successful I bought them for over 10 years???!!!

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                                            It stinks that they're not bringing Bella back or offering an acceptable substitute.
                                            I'm getting such great pantry items, such as jarred artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, Calamata olives and some neon green French olives (name escapes me)- and they can't offer a good sundried tomato product anymore??
                                            It's frustrating.

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                                              You should get on their website and email your concerns. I've had good responses when I email corporate.

                                            2. Costco definitely has taken a turn for the worse. First they reformulated their excellent jarred pesto into a garbage product that hardly has any basil in it. Now this. I'll probably keep my membership for the cheap booze, but I buy less food at Costco. Before, you found the odd inferior food product now and then, but most of it was excellent. Now it's like Trader Joe's, with a larger percentage of food products that are just junk. Very sad. I've been a member since 1988, by the way.

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                                                A turn for the worse... a bit harsh. I've had way more winners than losers. I do not purchase a lot of prepared foods like pesto etc. I can say there's more to Costco than cheep booze. I do agree with you about TJ's.

                                              2. Fyi, saw the Kirkland jarred sd tomatoes today and inspected the label. Sunflower oil? Really? Easy pass for me. Really liked the old ones they carried that were tomatoes, olives oil, and spices. Great stuff.

                                                1. Yes, Bella San Lucci Un Dried Tomatoes seems to have dropped into a black hole at Costco. I've searched countless Costco stores, to no avail. This product was so popular, it practically flew off the shelves at arrival.
                                                  No luck in locating any other store for purchase. Ordering from the company costs (price + shipping) is considerably more than in store.
                                                  Does anyone know of any chain store I can purchase from?

                                                  1. Discontinued in Las Vegas, NV as well. :(

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                                                      I bought the Kirkland ones and yech. Sunflower oil (way worse for you than olive oil, for one) and they were mushy. I was told that they made them this way so they could be put on pizza. I miss the Bella sundried tomatoes!

                                                      1. re: Laniana1

                                                        I know, I tried the Kirland brand as well. Yes, they were disgusting!
                                                        I've called the Bella San Lucci Company. I wanted to purchase a case. However, the shipping cost is close to the cost of item. I was told, "maybe on day we'll offer shipping discounts."
                                                        I informed the representative, "your sales would increase at a ridiculous rate is there was a shipping discount."
                                                        That conversation was about a year ago.

                                                        1. re: asiachifonlove

                                                          Yep! I was just on Amazon looking at buying them, and the cost of shipping is now MORE than the item! I can only hope that when Costco starts getting more complaints, they decide to bring back Bella Sun Luci.

                                                          1. re: Laniana1

                                                            I now buy them directly from Bella Sun Luci and have them shipped to where I work, since commercial delivery is much cheaper than residential. A case of six jars costs $77.86, ($24.76 for shipping and $53.10 for product).

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                                                                After searching the internet I discovered they can be purchased through Amazon if one does not want to order 6 jars. Price is only a bit more.
                                                                16 oz Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes Halves in Olive Oil by Bella Sun Luci
                                                                Price: $7.99 + $10.10 shipping

                                                                I just ordered two 16 oz Jars. at $7.99 each or $15.98 plus $15.20 for shipping.

                                                    2. Yes you are correct! To all of are disappointment! Costco has done it again and changed to their own style of OVEN dried tomatoes. I live in Paradise Valley AZ and went to every Costco when I found out. They where blowing out the great tasting Bella brand,for just under $4.00 a 30oz jar, in oil, NO GLUTEN, so I purchase most of them. The new ones are Costco brand and are of POOR taste and are NO way a better product they say Kirklland.Very disappointed again with Costco!

                                                      1. Seems to be discontinued in New York. I tried the Kirkland Oven Dried Tomatoes - the obvious replacement and they were awful. Returned them immediately. I hope a lot of customers do the same. Costco will respond only if it hits the bottom line.

                                                        1. Was it Bella at Costco? At another site, it had mentioned Sun Dry brand. Both can be bought on Amazon, but I can't remember which brand. If I order, does anyone from San Francisco want to split a case?

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                                                            I saw that BSL are selling on Amazon now. Unfortunately, because of the very high shipping charge, only a few jars have sold.
                                                            The jar of tomatoes are $8.89, but shipping is $12.65 per jar. :(

                                                            1. re: jzc

                                                              Just made aware this evening...BSL is now in Chico, CA too. If you live in SF your only 1 1/2 hours away. My daughter lives in Chico, I've already called.

                                                              Check this link: http://www.mooneyfarms.com/contact/

                                                            2. Bella Sun Luci
                                                              DIRECT from the company
                                                              Sun Dried Tomato Halves with Olive Oil & Italian Herbs 35 oz.
                                                              $8.89 ea / $50.67 case

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                                                              1. re: 1stsnare

                                                                Shipping from company-$3.57@ jar + 8.89=$12.46 @ jar U get 6 in a case = $72.00 give or take! Amazon is NUTS!

                                                                  1. re: 1stsnare

                                                                    Amazon isn't the seller, it's the portal.

                                                                    1. re: ferret

                                                                      Yes, it's not Amazon. I was trying to see if being an Amazon Prime member would bypass the shipping but no such luck.

                                                                      It's also $12.46 PER jar not a case. Ridiculous.

                                                                      1. re: jzc

                                                                        I have this kind of argument with my wife frequently. We share an Amazon account and I'll see that she's ordered an item and paid for shipping. I then explain that we're Amazon Prime members so she should look for the item page that's associated with Amazon Prime, but without fail the next time she buys something it's still from a non-Amazon seller with a high shipping cost, even though the identical product is on Amazon Prime.

                                                                1. I have ordered and took delivery from Bella Sun Lucy and the total price thats with shipping for a case of 6 35oz was/is $50.67 +shipping$21.39=$72.06!! NOT $12.46 a jar!!

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                                                                  1. re: 1stsnare

                                                                    Is that directly from Bella? I didn't see the 35oz size listed on their site, but it's on the Amazon site. When I enter 6 for my shopping cart it adds $12.46 a jar.

                                                                    Did you just send an email to them to order?

                                                                  2. Yes u either order as a guest or open an account I posted the picture of the exact jar from Costco which is the same from Bella sun Luci I do not see the problem everyone is having go to their site go to products the first option is sundried tomato click it find julienne sundried 35oz in oil and herbs follow or ding procedure done I received in 7 days

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                                                                      No, there isn't a problem, it's just an issue with the cost of shipping.

                                                                    2. The Kirkland brand is not good!! We bought some just last week. After only being open a few days, there is mold on them!!! Mold!!! We never had this problem with the other brand!! So disappointed, since I use a lot of sundried tomatoes in my cooking.

                                                                      1. Yes, Costco has done it again! Replaced an excellent item with an inferior Kirkland product. Here's the plan. Buy a jar of the Kirkland product. Take out one tomato, throw it away. Return jar for refund.

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                                                                        1. re: Atilla

                                                                          Oh that's smart, why not just write a comment to either the Costco website or at the store, they do listen and respond. It'll get a lot farther to stay positive.

                                                                        2. They are GONE from Costco here in Florida too!!! I AM SO SAD! You can buy them directly from Bella Sun Luci though .. Walmart sells the small bags, but I want the BIG BAG!!

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                                                                          1. re: Pelican67

                                                                            You got them in bags at Costco? I got jars...and am running low :(

                                                                            1. re: monavano

                                                                              Go to Bella Sun Luci's site google it go in as a guess or create account order jars direct buy a case it is just $20 shipping U get 6 jars at $8 or so making it around $75 delivered.

                                                                              1. re: monavano

                                                                                I used to get them at Costco .. Sams Club never had them .. Costco stopped selling them about 6 months ago'ish .. I don't want them in oil .. I want the bag .. They were SO soft and tender, not dried up like some .. I just ordered 5-16oz bags off Bella Sun Luci's web page, but they cost more and the shipping is HIGH .. I searched the web high and low and they just aren't around .. Which is weird because with everyone trying to eat better you'd think they'd be flying off the shelves! I read a bunch of DIY directions of making your own .. I'm going to give it a shot :)

                                                                                  1. re: monavano

                                                                                    Ok I made them .. I used Roma tomatoes .. Blanched them and removed the skin .. Cut and removed most of the seeds .. Problem is .. You have to slow bake them FOREVER! lol .. The instructions I followed had 3 ways to make them .. Oven, Dehydrator, or in a hot car .. I'm thinking if you had a CLEAN car that that would be the way to go! lol .. Attached are the before and after pics .. They came out perfect, but it doesn't yield much for the time,cost, and effort ..

                                                                                    1. re: Pelican67

                                                                                      Wow, I bow down to you!
                                                                                      That looks like a lot of work, but, you did it!

                                                                                      Would you do it again?

                                                                                      1. re: monavano

                                                                                        If you find the tomatoes at a crazy cheap price .. Sure! it's VERY simple ..

                                                                                        Boil water, drop whole tomatoes in, no more than 45 seconds, take out and put in ice water bath. If your tomatoes are starting to go icky at the stem, just slice it off first before putting in boiling water and they come out fine too. I thought they might get mushy, but they came out the same as the others.

                                                                                        Slice, smaller the slice the faster they dry, but they get SMALL, so if you want normal size (>1") just cut in halve and quarter them. Remove majority of seeds ..

                                                                                        I tried 2 different ways of prepping pans, one had parchment paper and the other had Pam .. Neither seemed any better or worse ..

                                                                                        I sprinkled some with Penzey's Hungarian Half-Sharp Paprika .. MY FAVORITE!!

                                                                                        Then just throw them in a low temp oven (200-250) and let them go .. I checked on them about every hour and swapped them around since I had 3 trays just to make sure they all got done about the same time .. I have a convection oven, so I ended up using that towards the ends to try and "dry" them faster .. I'm guessing it was about 4 hours total?

                                                                                        As the smaller pieces finished I was eating them .. When they were all done I brought them out and my husband and I ate the whole lot while watching tv! LOL It doesn't make much like I said, but then again I only did 8 tomatoes ..

                                                                                        I have an outside electric smoker that I was thinking of trying next time, but it doesn't have any more shelves and it's smaller, so dunno it that'll be worth the effort actually ..

                                                                                        It might be a fun project to do with a daughter or grand-daughter just to spend some quality time in the kitchen together :)

                                                                                        Good Eats!

                                                                                        - jiLL

                                                                            2. I am in Cincinnati too and have been faced with the same issue !! They now carry the Kirkland oven roasted tomatoes. YICK...tried them and returned them. I cant find the Bella Sun Luci ones anywhere and they are terribly pricey on line.

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                                                                              1. re: cindy0516

                                                                                Cindy .. I have a secret for ya about the Bella Sun Luci sun dried tomatoes .. Hurry and send me a msg on Facebook .. Search for Jill Yasgar .. :)