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Sep 16, 2013 01:05 PM

No Sundried Tomatoes at Costco??

Well I haven't been able to find my usual Bella sundried tomatoes at two different Costcos, so I finally asked at the desk and they told me they have been "discontinued". What's that about? Can you find them at your store?

I'm in the Cincinnati Ohio area.

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  1. Huh, odd. I actually just purchased my first package of sundried tomatoes at Costco on Sunday. I'm in Nashville, TN. This was actually the first time I've noticed them at my store. These were not packed in oil—just stored in a resealable zipper bag.

    Ah, Costco...always a guessing game!

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      I checked last night, and the brand is Bella Sun Luci, same as what you're discussing.

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        Do you recall if there was an asterisk at the upper right corner of the price placard in the store? That indicates that the item is not going to be reordered once they run out of their current stock. If you still have your receipt you can also sometimes tell by the price, discontinued items often end in a .97 or .79.

      2. re: Baskerville

        Costco usually has both, oil packed in a jar and dried in a pouch.

      3. I just saw sundried tomatoes at my Costco, I'll check who's it is.

        1. They have discontinued many items I enjoyed, when I ask why, I get the same answer "We have no control at the local store, the regional buyer makes those decisions", I can understand if an item doesn't move, but that's not usually the case. About all I'm down to buying there is frozen meatballs and B/S chicken thighs.

          1. Here in the Boston area, they were discontinued. They are such a fantastic product. I chop them up and add them to lots of dishes, and also make a killer tapenade. They've had them for years and wonder why they no longer carry them. Contacted the company, Bella Sun Luci, and most retail stores only carry the small jars.

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              They were blowing them out at my Costco, like under $5.00 per jar, I stocked up.

            2. I bought them last week at the Kirkland, WA store. They were $7.99 but didn't notice if there was an asterisk on the price sign.