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Sep 16, 2013 01:03 PM

DC Foodies coming in town for 10th anniversary, advice please

Surprising wife with a three night trip to Boston for 10th Anniversary. Biggest priority is good food and atmosphere (3 nights with no kids!). We love all food types except British. Not too big a fan of stuffy places. Have dinner reservations at O Ya for Thursday night (anniversary night) and Coppa for Saturday night.

I've been to Neptune before and have that as an option for Friday night - knowing that the wait could be a long time and we could go get drinks or walk around while waiting.

Would love some advice on the Friday night - was thinking about replacing Neptune with bar hopping a good restaurant neighborhood . We do this in DC a lot where we get a drink and app or share an entrée while kind of mingling at the bar. Was thinking maybe South End and hitting Toro, Teranga.....

Is there a better neighborhood that would have 3 good spots that fit the bill?

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  1. An option for Friday night would be Comm Ave between Back Bay and Kenmore.

    Clio-Island Creek Oyster Bar-The Hawthorne-Eastern Standard.

    Four of the best bar programs in the city in a row.

    Alternatively you could go to Central Square in Cambridge and do:

    Craigie on Main-Rendezvous-Brick n Mortar

    Enjoy your stay!

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      Those are good ideas.

      In addition, since the OP is going to Coppa one night, he could easily do another south end place before or after for a drink. Maybe Franklin Cafe, Beehive, Hamersley's, Boston Chops, etc.

      In the North End, you could try for the bars at Prezza or Lucca.

      The waterfront area is worth a visit. You could start at Drink then Tavern Road or Sam's or the new Legal or Blue Dragon. All keeping in mind that it could be crowded at any of the above mentioned spots.

      1. re: Matt H

        This is perfect and as the other poster noted I might have been doubling down on the South End since I'm going to Coppa Saturday night.

      2. Welcome in advance!

        Guide to Boston by Areas and Restaurants:


        Fav. Dinner Spots that I would highly recommend :

        Oleana- really unusual Turkish/Mediterranean menu; (owner's farm)-to-table produce; charming patio. Aside from the food being delicious, this is a real 'foodie's delight' because the menu will be full of things you will not see elsewhere in the U.S. Cambridge

        Erbaluce- unusual inventive No.Italian Piedmontese. South End

        Craigie on Main- famous for offal but also seafood. Cambridge

        OYa- v.v.expensive Japanese American inventive. South Station

        Neptune Oyster- crowded tiny, always a line, top quality raw bar; inventive seafood along w/ trad.Leave your name and stroll the fascinating North End. (no resrvatns=NR
        Island Creek Oyster Bar- the BEST service, large snazzy room yet intimate; more trad food but some inventive. Killer Lobster Roe Pasta w/Lobster, Short Rib,& Chanterelles, and honey glazed biscuit.Kenmore Sq.

        Toro- possibly the loudest room in Boston, full-out Tapas (the inventive often more successful than the trad) yet their Paella is unbeatably unctuous .South End .NR ( imo , while I am a big fan of minibar and café atlantico, this food is much better than jose's tapas place,Jaleo?)

        Aquitaine- THE spot when you're exhausted and you want to be taken care of. Classic French Bistro food beautifully done in a beautiful room, w/ gracious top notch service. South End.
        Strip T's (in a 'suburb', 10 min cab from Harvard Square) Casual small treasure for serious foodies; Momofuku chef; great inventive Asian- inspired, but also exc.fried chicken and unusual terrific burger. Watertown. (Same inventive Momofuku chef has new 9/2013 Brookline place, Ribelle.)

        Sycamore- 30 min car or train ride West to affluent Newton Centre and this welcoming veteran-run spot with many unique twists (see the Daily Duck, Lamb or Pork Board- with four mini entree ,starch and veg.medleys.)

        1. If you are in the South End, for an informal stop that has good drinks and wonderful small bites, try Myers and Chang. For tapas and drinks, a little further toward the Mass Ave side of the South End, Estragon. In Back Bay, Salty Pig. All the suggestions below are good (though I'm not a fan of Aquitaine and can't see why you'd go to Cambridge or Watertown though they offer great options when there is so much to do in Boston proper and you can do most of it by foot). If you have a yen to see what's happening at the waterfront, try Sams. And if you feel like Chinese for breakfast/brunch try Winsor Cafe.