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Sep 16, 2013 11:44 AM

Carnevor Milwaukee

Was thinking about trying it out on Thursday night while I'm in town. Anyone here ever been, have any thoughts about it?
Would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Great reputation. Several good places for steak in Milwaukee. Sanford being another.

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    1. re: Scoutmaster

      Thanks Scoutmaster. I love a good steak, but want to avoid the corporate chains that I can get anywhere like Capital Grille. And since I'm not local, I also don't want to end up at a mediocre one. I'll give it a shot and report back

      1. re: Db Cooper

        Enjoy your dinner tonight. Don't let the heavy advertising for Mo's change your mind of where to dine. They're way over-rated.

        1. re: Scoutmaster

          It's tomorrow night. Client is picking someplace tonight. I'll let you know though for sure and Mo's will not be on my radar! Thanks for the tip!

    2. Where did you end up dining? My friends and I love Carnevor but would like to hear an opinion from someone that is not a local. Thanks.

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      1. re: Fowler

        Sorry, been really busy. And I didn't want to be too mean because I wasn't really overly impressed. We ended up going to eat at Carnevor. I thought the food was decent, but thought the prices were out of whack with what I see at other high-end steakhouses.

        We started with the kobe beef carpaccio. We got three pieces of sliced meat for $16. Seriously, it was more like an amuse bouche than an appetizer. It was good, but you could go to any restaurant and get double or triple the amount of food for the same price. Epic Fail on this dish

        I had the bone-in ribeye wet aged. It was cooked perfectly as I ordered it and I got a side of bearnaise that was some of the best I've had. Overall, the steak wasn't as flavorful as others I've had which is why I asked for the bearnaise, but it was still very good. I chalk that up to it being wet aged instead of dry aged. They have dry aged meat, but they want another $20 for it. That's ridiculous and another way they are trying to rip people off.

        No hashbrowns as a side at a steakhouse? I thought those were a must. Not here. We had creamed corn and brussel sprouts which were fine. We were pretty stuffed by that point so I skipped dessert.

        Overall, I think you are paying for the room, the chance to hang out with the beautiful people, and the good looking staff more than the quality of the food. I wouldn't rank it anywhere near the Capital Grill. I know that is a chain, but it is a high end one and that is who they are trying to compete with. It's a place to see and be seen that isn't serious about providing good food at a good value. I'm glad I tried it and had a nice time mainly due to the company I was with, but I wouldn't go back.

        1. re: Db Cooper

          Hi Db Cooper, thanks for taking the time to post your detailed review. How would you say the quality of the food, service and wine compares to Manny's?

          1. re: Fowler

            In terms of food, Manny's in a landslide. Manny's dry ages their meat and their prices are similar to what Carnevor charges for wet-aged. I prefer dry-aged so this isn't even close. I don't get why Carnevor charges another $20 for dry-aged meat outside of trying to screw over their customers. Maybe it's personal to me too, but not having hashbrowns as a side really was irritating. The creamed corn was fine, but Manny's sides crush here too. I should note that steak I ordered was cooked perfectly. It was a good steak, but it didn't hit that excellent level. I guess I could have paid the extra $20 for dry-aged, but didn't out of principle. When your competitor's are offering dry-aged for the same price as your wet-aged, it might be time to look in the mirror.

            The service I had at Carnevor was outstanding, but we also sat at the bar and the person I was dining with knew the bartender as they had worked together in the past. Manny's employs a much more veteran staff where Carnevor's is quite young. But Carnevor's is definitely easier on the eyes. It was insane how good looking everyone was working there.

            Manny's has a deeper wine list, but Carnevor has some better value. We had a bottle of Ridge Zinfandel (I would have gone cab, but deferred to my dining companion who prefers lighter reds) and it was $20 cheaper than what Manny's sells it for. I'm also not the kind to go searching for an Opus One or a Cakebread Cab either. I'm usually looking for something tasty yet affordable (Francisan Oakville as an example). So take my advice here with that grain of salt.

            I don't want people to think that Carnevor is a bad restaurant. It's not by any means and if you compare it to the Chophouse or Butch's (don't ask, but yes, I've eaten there), it is by far the best. But the value of what you are getting for the prices they are charging knock it down a notch below some of the other high-end ones I've had the chance to try (Gibson's, Manny's, Cut, Peter Luger, Cap Grille, etc.)

          2. re: Db Cooper

            Agreed. This place is over-rated. Better steak at other steak houses and non-steakhouses.

            1. re: Milwhawkeye


              Thank you. What is your favorites? I had the chance to try Ward's last time I was in town and was pleasantly surprised. The place gets ripped hard on this board, but the prime rib I had was actually pretty tasty. That may just be I don't order PR as often as Ribeye, but it was pretty good to me.
              If you could give me a few hints, I'll try to get to one of them next week when I'm in town and report back.