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Salad Bars close to subway stations

Foiks, are there any salad bars left in Toronto, specifically close to a subway station? They need not be AYCE or buffet; they could be part of a meal.

Please advise, thank you!!!

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  1. It's not AYCE or buffet, but I enjoy the salads from the Holts outpost on the concourse level of the Holt Renfrew Centre. You let the staff know how much and/or which salads you'd like, and they're sold by weight. It's within a 5 minute walk of Bay and Yonge Stations.

    I also occasionally get salads to go from the Pusateri's near Bay Station. I like the corn salad with cilantro and bell pepper.

    I'm not impressed by the salads at Whole Foods in their salad bar area or the deli area, but it is located within a 10 minute walk of St George, Bay and Museum Station. The last time I was at WF, the staff refilling the salad bar and hot table was turning a blind eye to a woman who was eating/sampling/loitering at the salad bar (before paying), and it turned me off to the point where I'll only buy salads sold at the counter, served by the employees.

    Patachou offers a plate of your choice of 3 salads (they usually have several offered), and it's within a 5 minute walk of Summerhill Station.

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      Prima -- many thanks for a comprehensive report, it is appreciated...

    2. est west at queens park

      - khao san road

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        It is a great deal and I love the Korean items that they always have as part of the choices. To say they pack the container full is a bit of an understatement.

      2. The Sobeys in the Husdon Bay Center has a great Salad Bar lots of fruit / veg options even includes cocktail shrimp. They also have a hot entree section. All is sold by wieght and hot and cold are the same price so you can mix and match.

        A bit further out closer to the Bay Station is Whole Foods in Hazelton Lanes.. Bigger with more options but more of a Lunch thing I am not sure how long they keep refreshing the food after 5pm

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            Yes Sorry!... Longos.. is in the HBC...

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            Thanks for the mentions of Sobeys and WF!!

          3. I think there is a salad bar called "sushi and salad" or something close to that near St. Patrick station near university and Dundas. Entrance on centre st which is one st east of university south of Dundas.

            1. So you are specfically looking for a place to put together your own salad vs. a place that you can order a salad with specific ingredients? If you are okay with other people putting it together then you could consider Freshii and other salad places like that, a ton of them are close to the subway line.

              Otherwise, I agree with the Longo's and WF suggestions but the weight pricing definitely adds up!

              1. There is a salad bar at the Fit For Life on Eglinton just east of Yonge. Pretty reasonably priced and really fresh.

                1. There is a decent salad bar at the Luongos inside Brookfield place food court which is right off Union station.

                  1. Has anyone been to salad days and can verify it's awesomeness?


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                      I have and I can verify that it is awesome! For about $5 you can get - for example - a Cobb salad that is jam-packed with goodness. Three types of protein, cheese (choice of feta or blue) , boiled egg, and meat (choice of chicken or tuna - my favorite) along with lots of fresh veggies. You would be hard pressed to find a better deal downtown.

                    2. Would Mandarin count as a salad bar? There's one just south of Eglinton on Yonge...
                      No hate mail please.. :)