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Sep 16, 2013 11:02 AM

Rochester, one dinner?

Need one nice place for dinner in Rochester next month. Want American/regional food...hopefully in a pleasant and not too noisy restaurant. We did have a wonderful meal last year at Good Luck, but it was very noisy. Would Lento be a good alternative, should we return to Good Luck and suck up the noise, or is there something else thats better. We don't like things that are too adventurous.

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  1. I'd suggest Max at Eastman Place for good but conservative food, Warfield's at High Point (Victor) for ingredient driven cuisine or 2Vine for a buzzy bistroeqe meal.

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      Warfield's High Point is out of business!

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        Sorry to hear that but thanks for the update. I did notice it was particularly quiet during last meal (Dec 2012). Sadly I feel that a combo of poir location, high prices and haute cuisine led to them closing.

        Some people have enjoyed Rocco's if you enjoy Italian. Owl house for vegan and cocktails.

        While I've always supported Lento I have to say that my past two meals there have not been good. Entrees are the weak point but I wouldn't hesitate suggesting stopping in for a cocktail and some oysters.

    2. Lento is always a good choice, especially while summer produce is still at full throttle.

      1. Sticky Lips is good American BBQ

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          I love barbecue, but for this occasion I need something sort of upscale...that's why I'm hesitant about Good Luck, and thought about Lento. Is there not a good, upscale, reasonably quiet, fine dining restaurant in all of Rochester (or even nearby)??

        2. I'd say Max of Eastman may be a better match for your self-described less adventurous preferences. However, Lento's does offer wonderful American locavore cuisine.

          Max's will be quieter, although be sure you sit at a table as far away from the large round table at the entrance. Large tables tend to become noisy, and the groups at Max are no exception.

          We ate at Max's this evening. We had become bored, feeling that the food, although delicious hadn't changed in a while. Last night, Max's was our most convenient choice and we were delighted with the meal. There were a considerable number of specials and even the regular menu had been tweaked. My black pepper fettuccine with mixed seafood (offered as either a starter or entrée) was a particular treat. In my husband's words, his gnocchi with rapini, sausage, and white beans "exceeded expectations."

          You don't mention what day you'll be in Rochester. On Tuesdays, Lento's offers six different kinds of oysters for one dollar each. (Other week days, the oyster special is offered only during happy hour.) If you go on Tuesday, I recommend you go on the early side. The oysters are popular and a sign placed on each table warns people about the waits for oysters. As a practical matter, I saw several tables around us being served their oysters when they were well into eating their next course.

          We handled this situation somewhat differently. We made a 6:30 reservation, somewhat earlier than we typically eat, but our meal worked out because of that shift. We ordered drinks and only our oysters. After not-too-long a wait, we were served our oysters. Once the oysters arrived, we ordered the rest of our meal.