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Sep 16, 2013 10:58 AM

My restaurant itinerary for Alba

This is our plan so far. What do you guys think? We will reach Torino this Sat afternoon. We are going to be in Bra on Monday for the cheese festival. In the evening we will check-in with our B&B in Alba.

Monday night Dinner - Il Centro in Priocca

Tue Lunch - L'Osteria del Vignaiolo in La Morra while we enjoy the beautiful scenery.

May be after lunch we can go to regional enoteca in the castle outside Grinzane Cavour.

Tue Dinner - Ristorante La Volta Rossa in Alba

Wed lunch (If we don’t go back to Turin) - Da Renzo

Anyone know of a vineyard that we can check out on Tuesday before/after lunch? I don’t want to pay for a tour and wine tastings.

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  1. Hello TkNeo - how did the itinerary go? Thumbs up/down? Value? And what about eating in Turin? We are going for the truffle festivities this weekend.


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        We stayed in Castiglione Tinella at the Albergo there for two nights. It is about 1/2 hour from anywhere, an hour from Turin. It was a decent hotel, small and quiet, but not a good value, and their beds are past their replacement date. Friendly service, mediocre breakfast.

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          lodging is offtopic for this website unless food at at lodging (for example at an agriturismo or hotel restaurant is under discussion. and seem to be good resources for italian bookings and reviews, however.

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            Yes, thanks Jen. I will bring us back by saying that the breakfast had crudo, cotto hams, several kinds of yogurt, fresh bread, croissants, coffee, choice of eggs and some pastries. These things were generally good - however, the coffee was bland and not very hot (cappuccinos) and the orange juice was from some weird concentrate. Corners skillfully cut. And the restaurant near Albergo Castiglione has poor reputation, so we ate at La Piola in Alba, which was excellent for a little bistro. Then we had this amazing Sunday brunch of antipasti and pumpkin soup at Ciacolon (the Chatterbox) on the way to Turin.