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Sep 16, 2013 09:41 AM

Skipjack in Newark DE

A new place in the Shops at Louviers, at the old location of Johnsons Grille, and a few other equally forgettable places. Its run by the ex-chef at Krazy Kats so the guy knows how to cook.

There's a bar with live music and a dining area done in a nautical style.

The menu changes with the season and is not the typical burger and fish stuff. You can see the menu on their facebook page in the photos section. Wine list is limited but fairly priced. The food is generally well-cooked and tasty. Portions aren't giant, but aren't tiny either. Service is OK and each time I've been there its been a little better as the staff get whipped into shape.

Where does it stand among local places? Fair Hill>Wm &Merry>>Redfire=Skipjack. A lot of potential here though.

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  1. Place is improving. Open about 2 mos I guess and seems up to speed. I had an excellent short rib and gnocchi appetizer and a big fat pork chop that was as pink as I asked it to be. Better than Redfire now foodwise, though decor isn't as snazzy.

    1. Back there for lunch today. A good number of people there, so word must be spreading. There was a brunch menu with about 10 dishes and the regular menu. In general I've ordered from the day's choice of specials when I've dined here and haven't been disappointed. Today, I had a short rib hash that was just great. One table over there was a "red pastrami gravy" dish that was an open faced reuben with some kind of sauce that looked very tasty.

      1. Slippage lately at this place.