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Sep 16, 2013 08:50 AM

Milan -- Lunch at Peck, or at Peck Italian Bar?

After arriving in Milano jet-lagged but still wanting to do stuff that's close to our hotel in the Centro and not too taxing, we thought eyeballng Peck followed by lunch there might make a good start. But which Peck, the Ristorante at the store itself, or the Peck Italian Bar?

Any and all opinions on this would be greatly appreciated. Also any alternative suggestions for a simple and not-too-lengthy lunch venue in that immediate area.

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  1. Trattoria Milanese is in that area - walking distance away, n of the Brera Latteria San marco is quick and good. Sorry not to be able to comment on Peck eateries

    1. It is a million miles difference in ambience and prices from what Peck is, but just a few steps away in walking distance and I happen to like it a whole lot better (but I am very partial to vegetable dishes)

      Vecchia Latteria on the via dell'Unione


      1. Peck is a beautiful Italian "deli/bar" We stayed right next door in Hotel Spadari. Upstairs are tables and chairs. We had drinks there one night. The food does look beautifully prepared, so it might not be a bad idea for a lunch. I prefer a Italian trattoria or pizzeria myself. But certainly enjoy a visit there.