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Sep 16, 2013 08:14 AM

One Dinner in Paris


I am a new yorker traveling to france for vacation. I will be landing in Paris and meeting some colleagues from Spain and Germany for dinner. I am staying in the 8th, they are staying in the 11th and looking for a restaurant recommendation for Saturday night. I am looking for someplace nice, but not stuffy, modern and hip with a lively atmosphere. Cuisine is not as important as long as the food is excellent (although I always prefer to eat the local food). I am looking for somewhere conveniently located, not super far, but in a neighborhood where we would be able to get a few drinks after dinner.

let me know what the experts think!

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  1. Here's a good reference tool. Type in Paris 11th, and see what comes up. They have some good wordy descriptions of the restaurants, photos of the food and the environment so that can help you decide. Also look for some deals, the site sometimes has some discounts if you reserve through them.

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      Hi Lemarais,

      Doesnt necessarily need to be in the 11th....and I am looking for some specific recommendations from locals if possible. The internet research I've been doing is very overwhelming and is usually hit or miss. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

    2. As lemarais implied, the 8th is not exactly rife with "not stuffy, modern and hip" lively restaurants ... but the 11th is.

      Giving a rec for just one restaurant in Paris is next to impossible... especially for us locals. The choices are enormous. And it depends on what night (many of the better places are closed on Saturday, the day of your arrival), convenience (where exactly in the 8th and where exactly in the 11th... I'd take a taxi but you and the others may prefer to take the m├ętro or walk), budget, etc.

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        Thank you. Checking out the fork now. We are definitely willing to take a taxi so it does not have to be in the 8th or the 11th, but thanks for the advice on the 8th - i'll do some looking in the 11th. I completely understand not being able to give just one rec. Its this saturday so getting a reservation at this late date could be problematic.

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          Very problematic, was asked to make last minute res for Sat for a 4 top and finding great trouble. As most of the ones l like are closed on the weekends and the others are therefore in greater demand it can be a difficult process, but l detour from your question.
          Try the site Parisbymouth, they have a feature on restaurants and ones open on the weekend.
          We rarely say anything as the mods prefer we do not mention the search feature but go to the France board and on the upper right below your handle is a box to search, enter 11th arron, restaurants open Sat, places that allow dogs, whatever and l suspect your wishes will come true.
          l reserved at Dans les Landes for Sat yesterday on La Fourchette, and it is indeed a wonderful place, if that type of food is what you wish.

          1. re: Delucacheesemonger

            Someone recommended Pirouette and I was able to get a last minute reservation. What do you think? Would there be places to go afterwards for a cocktail? Thanks!

              1. re: hungryinny

                It's good. Cocktails - head to the Marais a short walk

        2. Thanks everyone for your help!