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Sep 16, 2013 08:08 AM

Birthday dinner and drinks for 12-16 people in DC

Where would you recommend for a casual sit down 30th birthday dinner and drinks afterward in DC on a Saturday night? Would prefer an area that is easy to drive and metro. The drinks do not need to be at the same place as dinner but should be close walking distance. There seems to be a number of new places that I am lost on what to choose and where would be easy to get a reservation for a group.

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  1. Hopefully you have enough lead time to get a reservation for a group that large.

    One option would be Lincoln. I had a bachelorette party there and it was great for a group with varied tastes. A fun, vibrant scene with good drinks. Afterward you could go to all the bars on 14th many options there.

    Another option would be dinner at Cava and then drinks at the various restaurants along Barrack's Row (don't really know what bars are good there since I haven't been in awhile).