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Sep 16, 2013 07:56 AM


I'm going to be taking a trip to Chincoteague and some of the surrounding areas on the Eastern Shore. I have noticed that any threads on Chincoteague are a bit old so I was wondering if anyone had more recent restaurant recommendations. (Other sites alllike have mixed reviews for pretty much every restaurant on the island.) I'm interested in seafood obviously and anything else that's good.

Thanks in advance

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  1. I was in Chincoteague last month, and found the restaurants mostly disappointing, especially if you're interested in seafood, as we were.

    Best place we went was a place a little outside Chincoteague called Ray's the Shanty. Favored by locals, it gets very crowded, so you need to be prepared to wait, or get there very early. Another non-touristy place the locals like, which we unfortunately didn't get to try, is the Vietnamese restaurant in the historic district.

    Steamers was pretty good, but they were out of the all-you-can blue crab feast (which is what we went there for) by 6 p.m.

    Whatever you do, don't go to A.J.'s

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      What happened at AJs? How is the Village?

    2. OK, we were just there. We went to Bill's restaurant for dinner and it was pretty good. Nice atmosphere (yes white tablecloth but we went with 8 and 10 yr old and didn't feel out of place). It was a very busy night but they were friendly and accommodating. Bread was tasty but a touch dry. Had the salad with their special house honey mustard dressing which was really tasty dressing. I had grouper special which was clearly fresh and well prepared (a touch too much salt) and my wife had clam strips which she liked. Kids had burger from the kids menu which were actually quite large and high quality beef. Overall, it was pretty decent. We also ate at Captain Zack's which I think is a great place. It is a shack with tables outside and you can get unprepared or prepared fresh seafood. First thing I had here was a softshell crab sandwich and it was absolutely the best I've ever had (note it was April so in season). Two flash fried crabs on a soft roll with lettuce and tomato. Delicate, crispy and amazing. Hush puppies were tasty as others said. Truly a bargain for $10 (came with sandwich, 3 hushpuppies, chips and a pickle). I liked it so much I went back the next day. Had the crab cake sandwich which was very good (though not as divine as the soft shell). It was backfin rather than jumbo lump but again for the price, quite tasty. My wife had a salmon sandwich which had a giant slab of salmon on a roll (probably 6-8oz piece) which is again, a bargain. Kids had fried shrimp which were predictably fair with small shrimp and lots of breading but nice to even offer for the kids. Overall, I think it's a great place and they were very friendly.