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Sep 16, 2013 07:48 AM

Seatac to vancouver need one lunch rec, have a 2 year old in tow

I'm flying into SeaTac from Boston in 2 weeks with my husband and 2 year old son. The plan is to arrive 11am, grab a rental car and start north to Vancouver with the goal of arriving in Vancouver by dinner time(rationale for this method to getting there is long and boring and not particularly relevent, but currently set in stone)
For us it will feel late for lunch and we will be hungry - is there a place that is worth a stop nearby or on the way north as we make our way to Vancouver? I doubt we would make it for a couple of hours without something real in our bellies. I have found Copperleaf and ElliotBay Brewing as possibilites based on searches on Chowhound, but I can't say they fire my rockets based on what I saw on their websites. Also not sure if copperleaf would be appropriate with our son. He is generally good and we take him out often for dinners but usually only to somewhat noisy places.
If there isn't something really worth it that won't detour us by several hours (like the Pike place market) we will likely end up at elliot bay I think...thoughts? thanks so much for any advice in advance.

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  1. If you want a quick bite close to the airport, I'd recommend the Australian Pie Co. just to the west in Burien. Not really a formal dining environment (counter service) or Seattle-themed, but really tasty and unique.

    Seattle institutions not far from I-5 without too much parking headache when you'll be there:

    -Portage Bay Café, University District (great brunch food, *Dungeness crab benedict*, open till 2:30 PM)
    -Red Mill Burger, Phinney Ridge (solid burgers, awesome onion rings, *cash only*)
    -Dick's Drive-In, Wallingford (okay, this isn't haute cuisine, but it's been a Seattle staple for 60 burgers, cash only. Grab your food and take the quick drive down to Gasworks Park for a super view of the permitting)

    1. It's hard to suggest without knowing how far off your path you are willing to go. Of the 2 you found, Elliot Bay is probably the better one for you. It's very family friendly, and I feel the range of foods would be more pleasing. Copperleaf, while good, tends to turn people off because it's basically located in the sunken middle of the hotel lobby. Beautiful property though.

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      1. re: biankat

        probably not more than 15 minutes (less preferred) off our track. I know this probably seriously limits us but I don't want to get too distracted which would be easy and then get stuck at the border for 2 hours on top of it!

      2. Thanks for these recs! I will definitely look into the aussie pie co those can be delicious!...another one I found that another poster had recommended in a different thread is Blueacre...any thoughts good bad or otherwise on that one? It's north just of I-5 and not too too far away it seems, at least by Google maps.

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        1. re: kayowinter

          Blueacre is very good, and really close to the freeway, but it's also still downtown. There is a pay lot on that block though, so if you don't mind paying for parking (probably... around $5 for a lunch? I don't know, I bus everywhere) then it would be solid. I've really enjoyed every meal I've had there.

          1. re: Brunhilde

            +1 for Blueacre. Excellent local seafood, spacious (and kid-friendly), close to the freeway, and I think there is a valet parking option.

            1. re: Brunhilde

              I think it will be Blueacre - after looking at the menu I can't stop thinking about dungeness crab and wild salmon at those prices. Boston's parking is really stinky so I think we can manage. Will report back! thanks everyone!!!

          2. Hi, Kay:

            I'd suggest picking up sandwiches at Paseo, and eating them at the Chittenden Locks. The salmon ladder is always a big hit with toddlers.

            Or, nosh in the car on the way to Van.

            Paseo's within your 15-min frolic limit.


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            1. re: kaleokahu

              15 minute limit- what about the wait in line?

              1. re: macsak

                She wanted to *get* there in 15: "...not more than 15 minutes (less preferred) off our track."

                By your logic, what, the OP'd have to hop off the freeway, be finished eating, and back on I-5 w/in 15 minutes? Maybe the Northgate McDonald's would be the only choice, LOL.

                Prolly be after 1PM, too, by the time they got bags, rental car, and made it there. So likely a short line at Paseo anyway.

                1. re: kaleokahu

                  ok, good point

                  was at the paseo near golden gardens on friday at 1:15 pm the last week in july and waited an hour
                  don't know how long the line is at ballard, but i thought i would let the OP know

                  my apologies, kaleo



                    1. re: kaleokahu

                      you can also call ahead your order at paseo, might save you a little bit of time :) just go to the counter to pay~!

                      probably would not recommend eating them in the car though...i've tried that and it was not pretty :P

                      1. re: roolala

                        NONONO not the car - a bad idea, though the tippy tin-two-tops inside are no picnic either. Neither is a picnic, actually, though with a table to spread out the spread it can be quite fine. Even finer if your picnic basket has plates and forks. You will not need any seasonings. Get grilled onions. Complain to Lorenzo if Rice Pudding is not on the menu.

                        1. re: mrnelso

                          Hi, mrnelso:

                          Good point if it were *their* car. It's a rental, though, so other than the smell and what I call the "Philly Cheeseshirt" effect (which throw off the dogs at Canadian border points)...

                          OK, OK, it's a bad idea. Someone with exact GPS coordinates should direct the OP to the secret little pocket beach just east of the old Azteca location.


            2. It's not gourmet, but for downhome food, we often stop at the Co-Op grocery store deli in downtown Mount Vernon on our way north. It's just a few blocks from the freeway exit. Lots of hot or cold choices--soups, salads, sandwiches, lasagna, quiches, etc, and they have their own free parking lot. Otherwise, the International District in Seattle would be a good choice--pretty close to the Freeway with quick service. I'd recommend Green Leaf for Vietnamese or Shanghai Garden or Sea Garden for Chinese or Tsukushinbo (not open on Sundays) for Japanese.

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              1. re: PAO

                Hi, PAO:

                The Skagit River Brewery neraby to the Co-op does some good food, too. I'm particularly fond of their beef stroganoff soup (not always on the menu).

                And have you tried Reverie BBQ in Mt. Vernon? They do a "BBQ Sundae" that is world-class comfort food.