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Sep 16, 2013 06:28 AM

Using Honeycrisp Apples in Baking?

Has anyone here used honeycrisp apples to make apple crisp? Are they good apples to use? I love them fresh, never tried them baked.

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  1. if you want texture, they will not hold at all. they are good for apple sauce though. if you really want to use them for baking, i'd add another variety that holds up well like some cortland

    1. While I love them fresh as well, I tried them in a pie last year and basically ended up with applesauce.

      1. Hi Kpaxonite. I wouldn't go all Honeycrisp in a crisp. They are soooo good out-of-hand and they keep so nicely (keep much better than my second fave eating apple, Red Delicious). I'd use Empire apples or granny smith as the main thing, and maybe throw in half a honey crisp for interest if you want. But not as the star of a baked dish.