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Sep 16, 2013 04:48 AM

Blackwall, Poplar or Limehouse

It's the Number 15 bus this week, which ends near the Blackwall tunnel and the DLR. Is there anywhere decent for a cheapish lunch round there? Or we could retrace our steps to Limehouse or Poplar. Searching the site, it looks as though La Figa might fit the bill?

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    Is a lovely little Italian restaurant near Blackwall DLR. Humungous portions, so you could probably get away with starters just for lunch.

    If you're going back to Limehouse, The Grapes (now owned by Ian McKellen) is a nice little pub. I'd avoid Ramsay's The Narrow as I've always found it chilly, both literally and atmospherically.

    Also nearish Blackwall is The Gun pub. Bar menu and (more expensive) restaurant option. Lots of history and lovely to sit on the river if the weather's good.

    Edit: Just remembered the awfully named but very reasonably priced Scoff and Banter restaurant at the Radisson Blu, which is also v near Blackwall. Menu looks v appealing, but might be a bit corporate/soulless.

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      The Scoff and Banter must be their new British concept; the Radisson near my house now has one. I thought the name was clever for a shitty hotel pub though.

      1. re: juniper77

        We went to the Grapes and enjoyed it. Excellent steak and kidney pie - lots of kidney, lots of black pepper. And particularly good, crispy chips. No London beer, which is a shame.
        And a fine view of the Antony Gormley man standing with his ankles in the river.

        1. re: J Sheridan

          Excellent, glad you enjoyed. Forgot to mention the man in the river -- almost worth the trip just to see him!

      2. Sichuan Kitchen near All Saints DLR (on the 15 route) has become my go to Sichuanese place in London.

        Cold pot fish (top of the Chinese specials menu if I remember correctly), the extremely crispy fish on the first pages of English language specials (see earlier posts for a more correct name) and standard Sichuan staples are all massive stand outs. I've had some really exceptional meals there.