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Sep 15, 2013 11:54 PM

Cookbook shopping [London]

Hey everybody,
I am in London for a few days and wanted to buy some baking books. I was in selfridges in oxford yesterday and saw some good supply. But how are the prices? Should I buy some place else?

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  1. Prices are much of a muchness - pretty similar most places but you will always get better on Amazon.

    Selfridges is okay but nothing special. Best cookbook selections in town are Foyles nr Tott Ct Road and Books for Cooks nr Ladbroke Grove. Foyles better for cheffy/import stuff. BfC more for domestic/practical stuff.


    1. Amazon is definitely best for prices. Waterstones (Piccadilly branch) also has a very large section of cookbooks.

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          But Books for Cooks is much more enjoyable. And you can have a slice of very good cake there.

          1. re: J Sheridan

            And if you're trying a recipe calling for obscure spices you can pop into the Spice Shop around the corner.

          2. Goodness, thanks for the tips!