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Sep 15, 2013 09:44 PM

Sanders Hot Fudge Ice Cream Puffs...why are these things so expensive?

This is a treat that I enjoy on occasion. I'm a sucker for Sanders' Hot really is pretty darned fantastic on vanilla ice cream (*good* vanilla ice cream, else, why bother?). It seems that a good 50% or better of the full service restaurants in the Detroit area offer up this dessert amongst their offerings, and it really doesn't bother me all that much...until I see the associated price tag.

I was at a local spot last week (high end prices, to be fair), but theirs was $9. I'm sorry: $9 for a semi-glorified ice cream sundae with almost *zero* house application is just out-and-outrageous. But this isn't limited to high end places, though. It seems like everywhere, it's a good $6 or more, and cream puffs are *ridiculously* easy-to-make, inexpensive, and require very little skill and/or preparation.

To wit: my mom made some this afternoon, served up with some Hudsonville Vanilla, and that wonderful Sanders stuff, and it was absolutely spot-on *perfect*. It needed nothing more but a second serving. We're talking total cost of the thing at *maybe* $.50. Cream puff, scoop of ice cream, Sanders' Hot Fudge. Done like yesterday's dinner.

So, really: if this requires so little (none?) of the kitchen's talent, why's it consistently expensive?

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  1. This board covers 5 states. Where/what is Sanders?

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    1. re: Anne

      Sanders is a Detroit area / Michigan tradition.

      1. If you offer it, they will come.... Clearly, someones are willing to pay at that rate and the restaurants are probably thrilled to have such a high profit margin item. Just as good or better than booze!

        I have a friend who used to get Sanders fudge on Ray's ice cream at the Town Tavern in Royal Oak. Either can be bought easily and consumed at home for, what, 1/10 of the price? But she'd still get it there (not me, though).

        1. Very simple. Because the market bears it.

          It is a delicacy, at least in my terms, and never fails to satisfy. In other words even though it may be vastly overpriced, it's so good you don't care.