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Sep 15, 2013 08:45 PM

Any good veggie burgers in NY?

Yeah, yeah, I know. But I'm vegetarian and sometimes want something on a bun with cheese and mustard and all the other goodies. I see them once in a while back in Los Angeles where I live, but will be in NY for several mire weeks and thought I'd seek one out. Bonus points for fries or onion rings. And if it happens to be in a fleishig place, I won't go crazy on you! The clser to Brooklyn the better but I'm willing to travel!


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  1. I don't know if you would eat at Blossom, but the "bacon cheeseburger" at the Cafe Blossom on the Upper West Side is actually delicious! (Blossom is a vegan restaurant certified by the International Kosher Council. Some kosher people eat there, some do not. Use your own judgment!)

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      Blossom du Jour (certified by the same as Blossom) has a delectable skyscraper burger that includes...onion rings. They're part of the burger and the whole thing is delicious. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to wolf it down in two gigantic bites or take a lot of small bites because it was delicious. Sidenote, do not eat this in the company of anyone you need to look dignified in front of. It can get messy.

      1. re: CloggieGirl

        I just stuffed myself on pizza, but that veggie burger sounds so good That I'm practically drooling! Putting t on my must -eat list!