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Lunch after Golf near Simi Hills

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My playing partner wants to treat me to a belated BD lunch after golf this Thursday. We play at Simi Hills, which is just north of the 118, exit at Stearns.

I know I could go a couple exits further west and hit The Hat or a couple of other options. But I would like some options off of Stearns or an exit or three back to the east. Casual, not too expensive, where we could cool off with good food.

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  1. Ciao Bob posted about this Peruvian Chinese place that he said has excellent Peruvian food http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9146... (he hadn't tried the Chinese)

    1. The choices for SV itself are limited. I suggest Don Cucos or Szechuan Garden. Both are good and you can sit and talk without a lot of noise.

      3991 Cochran St
      (805) 583-5944

      Tel.: 805-577-1009
      1407 E. LOS ANGELES AVE

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        Simihound -- thinking of trying Szechuwan tomorrow -- which lunch dish? I like spicy with some king of meat and assorted veggies, not just chunks of onion and bell pepper.

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          Went to Szechuwan Gardens for lunch today. A bit difficult to find (why don't many more places post prominent street numbers?) in a fairly large street mall with theaters. Pretty nice and fairly big inside. Ordered the lunch combo szechwan garlic chicken, no button mushrooms, extra spicy, lots of sauce. Hot'n'sour soup to start was ok, better after I added a zip of hot chili oil, needed more vinegar probably. Entree came on a large rectangular dish with sections for the entree, rice, salad, and wonton and orange wedge accompaniments. They give a basket of fried hard noodles to start, a nice touch with the sweet sauce in ketchup squeeze bottles on the table, though i prefer wonton strips. Entree had flattish squares of high-quality chicken, a lot of snow peas, and sliced water chestnuts -- a bigger portion than I thought at first, as I brought a healthy snack-worth home. Very good, even better when further spiced up with some chili oil. Only very minor complaint was that the sectioned plate made proper mixing of the entree on top of the rice a bit difficult. Under $10 with $6.55 combo, tax and a $2 tip for the very good service. I like inexpensive Americanized Chinese combo lunches, so I'll try this again when I play golf in the area. Thanks for the rec.

      2. Thank you.

        I will note all of these, but I love spicy Chinese, so I'm going to investigate the lunch specials at Szechuan Garden.

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          Sunnygordy-what is Customs Melt or Pie? I dont understand!

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                No wucking forries (as I used to hear in Oz). The link in sunny gordy's post was bad for some reason, so this killed those two proverbial birds with one stoner...

        2. I would hit up one of the Customs, either the Melt or the Pie. They're by the college off of Collins. Great sandwiches & great beer @ the Melt. The Pie has Neapolitan-style pizza & salads.

          1. Maybe Ali Baba on Madera for kebabs/shwarma, or Old Susana at the other end of town for diner/brunch-y fare?

            Hey, if you like spicy Chinese, Szechuan Place on Kanan in Agoura Hills is probably <30 min.!

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              Thanks. Is Szechuan Place that much better than Szechuwan Garden to merit almost an hour extra (round trip)?

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                Missed this- yes. Szechuan Place is SGV food that just happens to be out in Agoura. Nothing like it for miles.

            2. You could come back to the Valley and get off at Topanga and go to Les Sisters for some Southern/Cajun food.

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                Hey Nosh, Where did you end up going? Was it to your liking? I am curious.

                1. re: SIMIHOUND

                  Sorry. Partner couldn't do lunch after golf yesterday.

                  He has suggested a south african place on Victory at Woodley after golf at encino next week. I think it is called Springbok. Very mixed reviews on Yelp.

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                    I have sent South African friends there who loved it. The one time I went I had the Boerewors roll and was unimpressed. In that neighborhood I think you would be happier with either Pho So1, or Pho 999, or even Sam Woo's. Or you could go a bit further east and hit up Puro Sabor.

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                      Not familiar w/ South African food. Can someone list or link to a primer for those of us who are newbies to the cuisine? (hope you don't mind the minor hijack, nosh)

                      1. re: ilysla

                        Here is the menu, http://www.thespringbok.com/food-drin...
                        If you will excuse the approximations it might be described as German food run rampant in spice paradise. Piri-piri is a hot twist on meat dishes with South-African peppers. Boerewors is a South-African sausage with way too much cinnamon for my taste. I suspect there are lovely South-African beers, but my on my visit to Springbok they informed me that South-African beer could not be imported. They do have a lovely deck where you can bring your dog (shades of France) but the food is not that great - in my experience.

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                          This place actually is much closer to the courses at Encino/Balboa and even closer to Woodley. I had a good burger there a few months ago.