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Sep 24, 2004 12:22 PM

Austin - Slices & Ices - anyone tried?

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I pass this place everyday on my way to work - just opened about a month ago seems like. It's on the drag at about 26th street. I'm always missing my NY style pizza - has anyone tried this place?

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  1. Well, if anyone cares, I did go ahead and try this place and I'd have to say it's a very distant third or fourth to (1) Reale's, (2) New York Pizza, and (3) Saccones (which has fallen way downhill last couple of times I went there).

    Slices and Ices has some good serious pizza ovens that give the crust a good blast but other than that the pizza was pretty disappointing. Sauce overly heavy on the seasoning and not enough or the right cheese. Also I was kind of expecting Italian Ices, the kind you scoop but all they had were frozen drink machines. I asked about it and they said they did try to get Italian ices but it's kind of impossible being that there is no supplier! I'm sure they will do well staying open late next to Hole in the Wall, but I guess I'll still be driving out to Reale's for my fix.

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      What is the price range for Slices & Ices? Is it expensive or fairly cheap?

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        What is the price range for Slices & Ices? Is it expensive or fairly cheap?

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          Joseph Jones

          I think it's awesome. The crispy crust is actually crispy. Great place to go on campus, they're really friendly and it's cheap.

        2. Great cheese pizza and Greek salad.

          1. I thought the pizza was quite crappy....overly greasy (pools of grease on the pizza due to shitty cheese) with bland sauce. However, one of my friends whose tastes tend to favor things that have recently passed through a sphincter of some sort really loves the place. (He also loves Domino's pizza).

            1. I'm addicted. I live right near there and I'm totally stoked. Slice o' cheese please.