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Sep 15, 2013 06:10 PM

Liqueurs for holiday gifts...would you enjoy this trio?

For holiday gifts this year, I would like to give the adults a trio of small bottles of homemade liqueurs. Definitely included is the dark chocolate liqueur I make from a recipe on Serious Eats. (It tastes like a liquid chocolate bar.) I am considering fruit liqueur as the second of the trio (citrus or berry, or perhaps apple or peach...I have batches of each already made). The third is a bit of a mystery, and I am hoping you imaginative and creative folks here will help me. Would coffee liqueur be OK or would that be too passé? I have a recipe for a "gingerbread" flavored liqueur that is quite nice. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! :-)

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  1. Just go with flavors or thing that are not readily available. How about eggnog liquor? Huckleberry liquor? Lingonberry liquor? Or go a different direction and make a bitters like apple clove bitters for a new classic, Black Manhatten, made with Amaro Averna. Seems bitters have more options for experimentation.

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      If I still have some homegrown blackberries and loganberries in my freezer, I might make a batch of liqueur from those, if they are flavorful enough. I might make a bitters later on. I made a small batch of grapefruit bitters earlier this year but it did not end well, tasted rather "off".

    2. A gingerbread liqueur sounds like it would be delicious. Also, it's a seasonal flavor, so it's probably appropriate at the holidays (provided your friends like gingerbread).

      Would you mind terribly if I asked where you got the recipe? I'm super intrigued now.

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        Glad to share my source! I am not talented at linking but the blog where I found it is called "Boozed and Infused", and there is a large roster of drinks and liqueur recipes posted, many sound quite delicious and creative. What I like best besides the recipes is the techniques are fairly easy, not too complicated.

      2. I would say if you're definitely using a chocolate liqueur, you should really include a citrus as well. Intense flavors like chocolate can be divisive; you should definitely include something "lighter", even a berry flavor can be perceived as too heavy. Citrus is almost the opposite, so with chocolate, citrus, and gingerbread you should cover all bases and make everyone happy! Or if you used something like you've mentioned in the comments (blackberry, loganberry -- also what about cranberry?) in place of the gingerbread, that would be quite wonderful as well!

        1. May I be your friend?! I'd love that gift!!

          1. Buzz, you're really on to something here, but let's think this through so it's the best gift possible... this is so easy and obvious.

            1: We start with your dark chocolate liqueur (send me a bottle, btw)....

            THEN, we go with a fruit liqueur, well.....

            2: Bingo, go with a fruit that really matches chocolate and number one for me is raspberry. So either make your own or gift some chambord, the combo of chambord and a good chocolate liqueur is awesome...

            3: Should you go with a coffee liqueur... YESSSSSSSS! What's better with a raspberry/chocolate dessert than a cup of awesome coffee or espresso?

            I actually created my own "ultimate liqueur-based cocktail" from commercial versions of the above-3 ingredients (Godiva, Chambord, and Kahlua)... it's crazy good.

            That said, I'd kind of stay away from apple or peach here because they aren't classic matches with chocolate. For same reason I probably wouldn't do the gingerbread.

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              Thank you! Your flavor progression makes sense. I appreciate the insight.

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                Tombstone, wow, your Godiva-Chambord-Kahlua combo sounds like an awesome dessert. What ratios do you use--are they equal parts of each?

                1. re: brandygirl

                  Hi Brandy: I don't go quite to 1/3's... but it's all to your personal taste.... for me it works out to around 4:2:1
                  After all this is a chocolate-centered drink, so...

                  I recommend starting with about 3:1 Godiva to chambord, see if the raspberry is distinct enough for you, if not titrate it up to 2:1 and re-check...

                  Once you have your chocolate and raspberry dialed in to taste, THEN add the kahlua. I find in this drink that less is more for the kahlua... I like just adding enough to the point I can taste the espresso element....

                  Another scrumptious twist: Mix white and dark Godiva, about 50-50 for the chocolate portion.

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                    Thanks. As soon as I get over this nasty cold I caught over the weekend, I'll try it.