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Would you enjoy this holiday gift?

For holiday gifts this year, I would like to give the adults a trio of homemade liqueurs. Definitely included is the dark chocolate liqueur I make from a recipe on Serious Eats. (It tastes like a liquid chocolate bar.) I am considering fruit liqueur as the second of the trio (citrus or berry, or perhaps apple or peach...I have batches of each already made). The third is a bit of a mystery, and I am hoping you imaginative and creative folks here will help me. Would coffee liqueur be OK or would that be too passé? I have a recipe for a "gingerbread" flavored liqueur that is quite nice. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! :-)

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  1. We exchange food/ home made liquor/ liqueur gifts with several friends, They are, by far, our favorites. I would love coffee liqueur.

    1. I would be thrilled to get those as a gift. I would love the gingerbread recipe. It sounds really nice and christmas-y.

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        I found the gingerbread liqueur recipe on a blog called "Boozed and Infused". :-) There are oodles of liqueur recipes there that look delicious!

      2. How about cranberry liqueur?

        1. Maybe a home made Xtabantun? Honey, anise, rum based. Unique in the Mexican Yucatan.

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            This sounds intriguing. Do you have a favorite recipe for it, or is it easier to search for the recipe online? Haven't heard of it but would definitely try making a batch.

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              I did a little more digging around, and it may be difficult to make. The honey alcohol is fermented from the nectar of xtabentun flowers. It's an inexpensive liqueur in the Yucatan, but difficult to find in the States, although I have seen it so someone imports it.

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              Wow. That sounds really amazing!

            3. one of my parents favourites gifts was homemade lemoncello......my mom helped me make homemade mead once when I was reading the Knights of the Round Table tales( i dont think you have time in 100 days to make it)

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                The citrus liqueur I made this spring is based on lemoncello. I used the zest of tangerines, grapefruit, lemons and limes. The flavor turned out very light and summery. By winter, it should be very smooth. :-) The mead sounds fun!

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                  We made limoncello two years ago for Christmas gifts. HUGE hit. People keep asking if we've made more. The mixed citrus sounds wonderful.

              2. Once again, my response probably won't be very popular.

                I think everybody (including myself) would taste gingerbread liqueur and swear it was the best thing they had ever had and then never touch it again.

                I like the idea of the coffee liqueur or maybe a cherry. At least they would all get used.

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                  Your response is honest. Better something be enjoyed and consumed than sit on the shelf gathering dust.

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                    I think I would use the gingerbread to brush on lady fingers or sponge cake in a trifle or other dessert. I often use cherry cordial I received as a gift (from their own cherry trees,) in a Fraisier cake. Chocolate, on the other hand, would get re-gifted.

                2. To round out the three flavours, I might go with something like peppermint, or cinnamon - something fairly sharp which contrasts with the sweetness of the fruit and the richness of the chocolate.

                  Oh, and do you have a link to the chocolate liqueur recipe?

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                    I don't know how to link to it but it is the DIY chocolate liqueur on the Serious Eats website. Very easy to make and very adaptable to using whatever sweetener you like. I use raw sugar or brown sugar for a slightly richer flavor.

                    1. Oh, you've reminded me that my mom has bottles of homemade raspberry liqueur/cordial that have been just waiting for me to get at 'em.

                      1. I would like to submit my application for friendship :)))

                        These sound like wonderful gifts!
                        The gingerbread i would question, just because by january everyone is over-holiday-ed.
                        The citrus sounds lovely.

                        I would suggest to type a card with creative ways to use the liquors for those who aren't familiar with them. I know my father has a collection yet only knowd to drink straight or dribble on vanilla ice cream....

                        1. I will always associate fake kaluha with an old drunk in my building who made it to save money.It is not tasty. And I honestly shudder to think of gingerbread flavor. Stick to the fruits.

                          1. How about bacon-infused Moutai?

                            1. Go with the Gingerbread. Hard to find that in a liquor store whereas you'll trip over a bottle of coffee liqueur.


                              1. If you are really leaning gingerbread (which I agree is seasonal and may not get used) how about just ginger? I would love to use a ginger liqueur in say, variations of a Dark & Stormy, or in lemonade.

                                1. My clove cordial is a big hit with several of my friends: deep red.