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Sep 15, 2013 04:13 PM

How Much For A Shot Of Johnnie Walker Blue?


I read an amusing story last night about an incident that took place at a bar located in downtown Norfolk, Virginia.

Professional wrestler Ric "Nature Boy" Flair was having a drink at this particular bar. Another patron at the bar recognized him and offered to buy him a drink.

Ric Flair first declined the offer. But the other patron insisted. Finally, Ric Flair agreed to the offer.

When asked what he wanted, Flair said he would like a shot of Johnnie Walker Blue.

The cost of this shot turned out to be $65.

Just curious.............

What is the approximate cost of a shot of Johnnie Walker Blue in your area?


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  1. Something similar happened to me once with Carlos Alomar (David Bowie's guitarist) except he didn't decline it first. I swore then not to offer to buy celebrities any more drinks.

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      I learned that the hard way also. Now i say ill buy you a beer NOT a drink

      1. re: Locutus

        Similar lesson here. I bought several glasses of wine for a certain UNLV basketball coach whose watering hole was Pieros - he never bought me one in return.
        I dined last night at Ophelia's in Sarasota and JW Blue is $35/shot.

    2. And that's why they call Ric Flair the dirtiest player in the game :-)

      1. I just had a look at the bar menu for Claridge's and it was £45 a shot, but they also had something listed by the name of Johnnie Walker George V, a snip at £150. I'm really not sure what could make a shot worth £150, unless it was delivered to me by Tom Hardy, along with a gift bag.

        I'm not sure if their mark-up is substantially higher on spirits, but their Champagne selection looks to be around 2.5 x retail, which I think is acceptable - don't get me wrong, I still can't afford it! - as I've seen much higher mark-ups on wines and champagnes at less fancy establishments in London.

        1. Well, a bottle round here in the NYC area and 'burbs runs $170-200 in a liquor store, but prices restaurants and bars pay is usually more than retail, and bars CANNOT legally buy from a store, only the on-site distributor. A shot is 1.5 oz. so there are about 17 shots per 750 ml. bottle. A premium spirit is going to be sold with less markup percentage wise than a less expensive spirit. Drinks pour cost should be around 18-24% of the final selling cost. (lower % = more profit, higher % = less profit) But a super premium might have up to a 35% pour cost. So if a bottle costs $170, that pour cost will be $10 for the shot, so with a pour cost at 20% the price would be $50 a shot, 33% pour cost would be around $30 a shot and that's reasonable. If that place charged $65 they were really gouging with a pour cost of apx. 15% if my math is correct.

          1. SRSLY, if someone is pestering me to accept a drink, after I have politely declined, and just want to hang out solo, I would order the priciest thing in the house myself.