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Sep 15, 2013 02:41 PM

Trader Joe Kosher Onion Soup Mix

Trader Joe now sells their own brand of onion soup mix- it's OU pareve. It does not have MSG and all the chemicals that the other (kosher) brands have.

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  1. And one of the weight watcher leaders said it made a great dip with Greek yogurt. I bought it but have not tried it yet.

    1. Recently on America's Test Kitchen or Cook's Country, they were doing chuck pot roast wrapped in aluminum foil, and for a rub, mixed up their own substitute for onion soup mix, so that must be SOMEWHERE online or in their magazines. (I cook most meals from scratch but since I am not concerned with Kosher standards, and like what the Lipton packet does for my meat loaf and braises, I am not interested in trying other commercial or home-made alternatives.)

      1. Thanks for the heads up!