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Sep 15, 2013 02:37 PM

Cypress Restaurant in Metairie

First of all I can't believe we did not know about this place. It is a hidden gem at Transcontinental and West Esplanade. Hubby and I went recently for our 19th wedding anniversary. We had seafood gumbo, shrimp & grits (special) , house salads, rabbit, wagyu (special) and chocolate and regular creme brulee. Service, ambiance and food were fabulous. My French 75 was ok, but I'm probably spoiled by Muriel's version. I had been told to get the house made buttermilk ranch dressing but forgot to order it so the salad was just ok with the vinaigrette. I could kick myself when I do things like that! Oh well I guess I have a good excuse to return!

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  1. I live 30 seconds away and have never been! I didn't know they had things like Waygu and rabbit, heard more about them for veal dishes and such. I presumed it was like Austin's a block away. What are the price points for apps and entrees?

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      Menus and pricing can be found here:

      Entrees are mostly between $18 and $24

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        Thank you Gizmo - I appreciate you linking the website for me. I meant to do that in my original post.

        We live in LaPlace and I would rather eat in Metairie, Kenner or somewhere closer than NOLA unless I'm staying downtown playing tourist.

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          I appreciate the heads up on Cypress; I don't get out that way too often and never have any great ideas on where to eat once I'm there. If you have recommendations for that part of the world -- Kenner, LaPlace, &c. -- I'd be interested in hearing them.

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            In LaPlace, Wayne Jacobs Smokehouse is good if you have an hour and a half to eat. Good food, slow service. I've only been for lunch. Pier 51 is great for boiled seafood, poboys and bread pudding. Petra, Ruby Garden and Kobe are good too. There is no fine dining out this way that I am aware of. Airline Motors is a nice nostalgic spot with decent food lately.

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              Went to Pho Sunrise in Kenner for lunch Monday. Good food, very neat/clean, decent prices.

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                I just asked someone in Lutcher if Airline Motors was open again and he didn't know. Who is running it now/ I haven't been since Peggy and Lou sold it.