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Sep 15, 2013 02:09 PM

Lexington Market and Trinacria

Hi all,

We are headed to Bmore this Friday, and after doing my foodie research, I was thinking about maybe hitting up these spots for lunch. Maybe stopping at Faidleys for a crab cake and then heading up to Trinacria for some sandwiches. Let us know if you have favorites, please!

My familiarity with the area is nill, but I have read lots of negative reviews on the area... mainly mentioning it is dangerous. I just wanted to check and see what y'all thought and what would be the best way to get to these locations from our hotel, near Camden Yards.

Thanks so much!

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    1. I agree with Steve - not dangerous. But run-down and depressing. Not the most charming part of Charm City.

      I wouldn't go there. Good crabcakes can be found elsewhere.

      1. You can walk it. Lexington Market is fun to check out. Definitely try a crab cake and maybe some coddies.

        1. It is not at all dangerous at lunchtime. Many white-collar office workers walk over for lunch. Not at all good for the local tourism industry for people to get mugged at the Market.

          There is possible danger to be found just a few blocks west, but tourists would have no reason to go over there.

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            I would think it'd be OK to walk to Lexington Market though the few blocks towards Trinacria are dodgy and I personally wouldn't walk them but in daytime there are plenty of people outside if that brings any comfort.

          2. it's an easy and safe walk, if you're feeling lazy there's always the light rail. sure the 'hood's a bit grubby, but I've walked around that area to the North South and East of the Lexington. yeah there were a few guys hanging out and we were cracking wise about the neighborhood being the "City that Charm Forgot". yes I've only been a visitor and as Bob W points out, there was no reason to go West.

            Faidley's IMHO is best for slurping down cheap oysters even if they do usually come from the Gulf. but the market itself is worth a visit if you're a grocery geek like me.

            what was skeevier was walking from the light rail over to the Cross-Street Market, but that was fine too.